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Villa supports ask on really interested in what aston villa deed between that time of tommy dockets to what the end of run saunders to think that in nine hundred seventy one you're in division three and then in nineteen eighty one woman. I remember phenomenal. Remember that when you say we would in division three inch seventy one. I wasn't nothing was watching. I use it. I was individual one. Now you wanted the time. That was one of the things all really not joining the villas. Because a i've said it before. I knew very little about the you know. I didn't think it was the the league cup you know when they got to the final gates knowledge members I think it was tested in the semifinal. Remember seeing that on the television because it wasn't many games on the team sports. No it wasn't asking. Yeah i mean. I probably what villa villa with second division and chest a with adults only been the full probably know so it was that was you know an interesting game to play To to to on the television. But i tend to remember that because i think brian little think it was interested. The is longer in. This is is is is sweet coat. Everybody went the sweet. What was his bronconnier yeah. I think it was brian. They wish usually put with. I suppose that was an interesting time. Talk to say because it was. I think it was the around then i would imagine so. Yes because don't show some guys don't lock to soil manages t's own wyan them you know. I guess you have got an aston villa. stan there Goes boy the galley standard. Would tight that name often. A whether you want to call it the class of eighty one but i think that there should be some reference to the greatest achievement. The aston villa of ever add winning league and winning the european cup..

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