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Now dot com You want cash? They want your card. It's Azizi as 1 to 3, New Jersey one a 1.5 news time for 05, New Jersey one a 1.5 fast traffic Well, big bass continues along rude one. What a jam! We got on the north and side coming into grand. You haven't even Edison is a crash. Three lanes are currently blocked off on that crash investigation continues. Upon the western shore of the termite north of 15. W That's a crashing of shoulder are on the truck. Plane's holding up pretty well. 24 cities bad traffic at broad street coming down towards 78 22 on the hillside. Lots of slowdowns to watch out for as well. Looks like the traffic is still gonna be bunching up a bit along Grid nine heading into the Lakewood area. 18 south of Marlboro Attendant Road heading out of route 5 20 got construction on going It's the left lane that's closed, leaving New Jersey Still delays of under five minutes across the Hudson, Tom Rivers, Newjersey Traffic North, Jill Myron Newjersey Traffic South 6 76 South found going to be heavy for you from the waltz onto route 42, then 42 takes it from there. And that backs up south bound from 6 76 down 2 to 95 to 95 urinate in the brakes from exit. 29 Whitehorse Plank Barrington ish all the way down through the route. 42 exit 26, The Benny The Ben Franklin Bridge Slow across the span, leaving New Jersey The right lane is blocked off. 1 30, south them in Gloucester City takes it hard as well with some delays. New Jersey Fast traffic every 15 minutes. Next report at 4 18 on New Jersey one A 1.5, New Jersey traffic made possible by all American auto group.

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