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Nickel and you got nick cross in the back at free safety. You had the best secondary in the conference. So they got talent now. Date database get hurt messes things up a little bit but targeted then moves over corner. Now you still got him run one. Which according to bennett running to and then they got talent. I am not as bleak as i would have been in past couple of years looking at the roster for talent wise. The recruiting as is evident. Right now i can see what he's done and it's it's coming to parisian so everything about lassie and his great recruiting and give them some time blah blah blah. Well he did it the talent here now. They just need to put the pieces with coaching and execution together. And they're gonna give anybody a problem i think. Is it there on on the offensive line. It has that's it's hard to determine because we have you know illinois in west. Virginia now west virginia had thought they still with talented d. Lineman and. I don't think johnny called his name. One time the whole game so credit there live for that the eric harris transfer his seemed to pay off. He solidified that center position and they've played better. They are probably the biggest question. Mark going into the season and so far. I can't say they've been an achilles heel. They've done well. They kept until you upright for the most part and they've been able to run the ball so that the jury fill out on them. I will be vika. Yeah i will will be i so i wanna come back to leah here before we talk about. What's coming He's not making the big mistake. He's not forcing the ball. He's not trying to do too much. That's so far you know in in the first three games He's he's clearly a playmaker..

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