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When you start making videos or is it just like you said you're doing what you think is funny right. You weren't trying to cater. Until until i started to see that it would offend different people. I do things You don't when you like when you don't have any you don't have any guidelines you don't know because you don't know there's no model for so i'm like oh let me make fun of It's a blind person. You know. Because i find i find. I made a video like blind hitman. Right and funny and i'm just saying oh it's a. That'd be a funny concept. Mind hitman fucks it up. He gets the wrong person larry's but then the blind people you're you're offending the blind. Maybe i did that. I keep that in turn up the volume there. But it's like in my mind that's what it was like. It was like this is funny to and then as you get more. Let me just say it doesn't that you hate blind people right that you think blind people should like. That's what is shitty about the cancel culture and people that get offended about stuff. You basically would just like this is a unique funny different concept to me. I have this ability and wherewithal to and that's what's great about. Making videos is like when you have that support system crew. Whatever it is to get it done you know that would be funny. I would like to see that. Yeah we why. Don't i just fucking make that Bet other people would because you start to connect to the masses and go i. It looks like what i think is funny. A lotta pe- people also do right. So let me do that. But it doesn't mean so hatred involved. It's just like this is a funny silly premise. And it's crazy. Because i grew up being inspired by the chapelle show right. And you know edgy. Chapelle show was gone man. And i'm i'm looking at chapelle. Oh wow you can do whatever you want And that's how. I kind of like went. I was like oh nothing's there's nothing off limits. Let me just do whatever because especially with the internet man. that was a cable. You know video or even he had a quite a bit of freedom but yeah but on the web even more. So you'd nobody telling you you can't do exactly remember the What's the one where he was. He was blind but he was racist although the blind white supremacist. So that was one of my favorite thing sketches. Yeah but like you can't even you can't even do that. Now look no. You can't and in my mind. That's what i grew up on. So when i'm making when i was making my comedy that's what i was doing. I was doing that type of comedy and in the more followers. I got them. The time started to change. And i'm still like odd. And it's just so it will get dicey and this was youtuber. Vine when you're putting right away Vine gotcha well youtube and vine. Yeah so so. You'd be do like two to three minute things on youtube and yeah yeah okay so talk about that going then to vine poppin and you're your was that an easier transition or was so youtube videos. I was Yeah it was it was. I would have to spend more time. I'd have to write it out. I think the shy things like that. Where vine. I could just fill it on my phone. You know what i mean and it would just go up and six videos all you have to do his thing of like story and six seconds for a film school kid. That's probably the shit right. Yeah it's like. This is all me. I'm going to like i mean it's all your vision. Yeah angles How you wanna shoot it. Did that come pretty quickly for you. Then as far as like. Here's an idea. Here's how we're going to do it. Just because of going to film school. I studied all i did was study. You know directors right Tarantino spielberg Man list the list goes on. But i just look how they shoot things and i would try and implement that in the sketches i was doing. Yeah so yeah fuck dude. Iovine popped big. I feel like that. That was Almost bigger than youtube for a minute. As far as like it's like it's the thing you will always. Youtube will always be there. Yeah but you'll have the popular the. What is it like the trend. Yeah so is mine now. The trend is ticked off right. Which youtube is still It's still youtube. Youtube is still daddy. But take talk is the cool kitten. You know what i mean. So you know there will be a time. Where unless you know take talk evolves that you know it'll it'll fade away like minded. It's crazy 'cause nobody thought vine was going anywhere right. yeah and it just. It's just how things the ebb and flow of how things come and go and something always comes out to be a little more user-friendly also. I'm sure just like anything like with my space. It just got not cool. Yeah but i think take talk is smart enough to see the my space fall off line. Fall off to know okay. We need to evolve in order to keep up. Did you jump online pretty quick. I have a few other comedian buddies that got on it real early hopped early. Like did you see it and go. This is going to be a great outlet. I had no idea what it is You know britney furlong yeah She's married now so brittany lee might be. Yeah yeah that's actually how. I introduced to you because a new brady. She used to date a comic buddy of mine and so it always see around and then she did a couple of with me Ride them with with her. She did her a favor with twenty dollars in her ten million or whatever. Yeah but that was so crazy. 'cause i was like what was the queen of i mean she was right yes she ran she had i remember. I was at a party in in There was a girl just going around film and stuff on our phone like what's his what's his can go doing. Like yeah get a drink. Sit down fund. You hands be present in the moment. Yeah and then she There were there was like. Oh that's britney furlan she's she's huge on vine and she had like You know maybe had a couple of million followers and I was like what the fuck is fine like six second videos and and i never heard of it. I felt like the old guy. So i went on. Look then as oh shit. Introduce an inch. we shot some. We shot some videos together and And yeah and then. I started to like find out the system and i was growing a lot faster than i was on youtube so i was like. Oh let me just stick with this. I was getting like seventy five thousand dollars a day. What the fuck dude. Yeah yeah it got to the point. Where and this is where this is how this is how standup is as well. I had a calendar. Right and i would write down what video i shot and how many followers got me. So i i write down okay. I did I did a food. Video food comedy. Vine video dummy ten thousand followers I did a sports Vine video thirty thousand followers. Oh i did a relationship video. I mean seventy five thousand video seventy five thousand dollars and was like okay. Let me keep doing relationship stuff. You know and i would write this down every day. I did a video some bouncing titties and acute baby. two million. Wow yes so a got to the point where it was like a science to me and just straight up goodwill hunting that shit. Yeah roy was. It was crazy and i was just write it down like dad i. I wish i still had that price. Still that calendar if i found it so shit on ebay man yes but yeah but i would just write it right right and then that prove to help as far as like figuring out like okay. This is what people are. Because i didn't know what. I was doing back then and i tried to try and You know figure out some kind of system because no one's teaching me how to do it. So i had to like trying to remember what i was doing or i'll just keep making videos. And then now that got me into the art of knowing how to create a viral video you know. And that's when that's when. I found out like they're literally specific audiences just like standup specific audiences where one focal only worked for ten percent. But then you find that one joke that works for ninety percent and then you want to try and get that you know what i mean like when you if you're if you're doing a if you're doing a an hour in front of people you don't know you wanna use your best stuff that ninety percent of the total you know will relate to so that has that kind of shaped your stand-up writing as well to than just getting used to doing videos. That are for everyone. You're trying to late. Not isolate the crowd within a in a way but the the beauty of standup the art of it is to try and make those specific stories because if we if we do the traffic jokes if we.

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