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This woman should never ever ever be allowed to have another child they should tie those like rolled gold pretzel they should definitely but i don't know is it you know how tex watson murdered sharon and she wasn't allowed to have baby but he had four in prison is it the same with women like well she get conjugal visits where she could get pregnant in prison and have another baby because she already has a bunch she did not torture them because they weren't quote unquote gay they thought gabriel acted gay what that means i don't know as if an eight year old has sexuality i ha i saw pictures of him he he was the most beautiful child pictures of him smiling with his with his dog with his hat on he looked so adorable and and this these animals thought for some reason and they were totally terrified of gay and so they beat him in starved him and tortured him to death i i'm just completely stunned this this cases bothered me for how many years four years so i just wish they would have given her the death penalty i'm really i'm so bummed out that she gets a deal because she goes yeah she gets a pat on the back for saying yeah i did it yeah i watched him get tortured so the the facts will be the same facts that pertain to this case may very well be identical to what the trial for the two social workers what they have already to if anything this case may make it a little more difficult for prosecutors because the media attention and this was addressed by by the judge in this in this in this murder trial and the sentencing saying that there has been a significant amount of media attention and could that's the way a jury there's a bad opens up the possibility of appeals if if they become if they get a conviction out of it out of this and so if anything a lot of this media publicity or public opinion on on this case particular may have ramifications for maybe any appeals that happen in the social workers case they could theoretically move the venue if they determined that they can't get a fair trial they're covering it nellie county right.

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