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Where the action is in. Alabama is on every single list. So that makes it easier for nick sabin to pick and choose and hopefully get it right and when it comes to the quarterback position. Everyone knows how important that is. He has gotten it right. Yeah jalen hurts. jalen hurts. Could've started almost anywhere. They had to same same thing. Mag jones was not in the same league. He developed him into a great player. Bryce young wasn't that league and dj clemson came with the same credentials. Except you know. He was thrown into a much different situation. So it helped. It helped rice young not to start. The season against georgia were clemson as opposed to miami. And now i think he's going to. Be unstoppable paul. You talk about clemson miami georgia. You're talking about that part of the region but the acc in particular. They took one on the chin. This past weekend with louisville losing miami losing although they played against a team that at alabama you mentioned. But you'd still look at clemson against georgia north carolina. virginia tech. They three of the teams in the top fifteen took an ale or they finished and done with the college football playoff. I think if you're looking for a heartache. Which i know you would never do or i would ever do. You could say that. But but i think the complexities of college. Football does not support that because all it takes a or a couple of upstarts i think any sane college football fan watching clemson. Saturday night would have to agree. They're a high level football team. The problem is they were up against a really nasty defense and they just. They seemed like they digressed a little from a couple of years ago. Now what does that mean. That's digressing from the number. One team in the country with trevor lawrence and travis etienne in the backfield and all americans out on the sides but i think they just need some luck because they will get it in the acc. That's really what this is about the stinks it's got. I mean not only at the top but in the middle bottom. You had duke duke losing to charlotte which is a brand new program at georgia tech losing losing to northern illinois. That really pulls your league down in every game. This year for clemson we'll we'll just really almost unwatchable maybe with the exception of nc state. Florida state did look good and defeat. So there's a few positive things to talk about. But not many and meanwhile alabama georgia play in the big leagues. And so two sodas everyone else. So that's if there are no major upsets for oklahoma ohio state. Then clemson will probably get left out but if they could get some luck. Paul mom joining joins the show brought to you by dr pepper college. Football's is back so the fans crack open an ice cold dr pepper slap on a fresh coat of paint return to glory with an all new season fans ville by dr pepper. The one fans deserve paul. We got about a minute one issue. That's been on my mind the lot in the last several years. And we've talked about it in the past on air has been the knicks sabin era which to me looked like it could be coming to a close with the competition from daboh and clemson and how it was unclear to me after so many years of alabama is the number one program. If that were still the case and paul week one is over and it looks like that still. The case is the alabama clemson. Daboh challenge to nick sabin over. Are we still clearly in the nick. Sabin era we are. And i think after alabama max lost by twenty eight a couple years ago to clemson. It was on the brink. And then what happened. The next year we saw. Lsu with joe borough but you know i thought in many thought maybe lsu was ascending. It looked like a one year. Wonder with joe borough and much much. Like we've seen with other generational quarterbacks cam newton eleven or twelve years ago so right now who who are really the challengers. It's the same. It's the same schools but so far. Nobody has really been able to make a dent. Saving will turn seventy next month. But i don't think it stops right now because he's still recruiting better than any one else. He's got a very good staff. I mean he lost steve starkey into texas. Who did he replace him with bill. O'brien who is an nfl head coach a college head coach and someone who just moved right in and they did not nisa beat so i'm not saying it will go on forever. Some people think he'll win national championships until he's one hundred. But there's always occurred. Max but right now i don't think the end of the dynasty is anywhere near the great paul finebaum ladies and gentlemen. Paul always a pleasure. Don't be a stranger. i have some. I don't know if you've heard that. And i got some stuff in the pipeline. I'm gonna wanna talk to you about you. Too key youtube j. But paul..

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