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And we take a look at your KOMO forecast with Shannon O'Donnell. Hi, everybody. It is Thursday night year in the Pacific northwest. We are talking about things settling down. That's good news. Right. It's been so wet and gusty for many of us, especially in the northwest interior throughout the day. So nice to see the winds easing overnight and the rain turning more showery. By the time. We had Friday now cooler air is coming in. That's good news to ski resorts need to turn back over to snow. It's been raining up. There all day that happens later tomorrow and at the same time pass travel, especially over the higher passes will get trickier so plan around that on Friday afternoon to in the KOMO weather center. I'm meteorologist Shannon O'Donnell early in Seattle. We have fifty degrees. Komo news time six oh six if you've ever been through an earthquake. You know, how frightening. It can be a now there's a new app available for residents of Los Angeles. Kamaz Charlie Harker tells us it might give us a glance of the future of earthquake safety around here. It's called shake alert if a five point zero or higher earthquakes rocking and rolling LA those with the app installed. Mike get few seconds up to a minute to take cover Caltech seismologists, Tom Heaton between the time. When the the earth stirs to rupture on some of the full when the rupturing all over takes about a minute and a half. The push alert system will be triggered by the US. Geological Survey early warning system sensor is still being installed up and down the west coast. So developers will be paying close attention to how things go in LA as a try to figure out how did it play around here? Charlie Harger, KOMO news, large settlement has been announced in the case against a higher education company called career education corporation, and a means more than three thousand people in our state will share in more than seven point six million dollars in debt relief attorney general Bob Ferguson took legal action against the over the company's use of deceptive practices to attract students, C, C owned and operated. Two campuses in Tukwila, a Sanford Brown campus, which was previously the international academy of design and technology. And an Likud on blue campus. Both schools are closed now. Ferguson says student borrowers were victimized by deceptive recruiting. And we're misled about the total cost of enrollment also not told that programs lacked the necessary professional accreditation leaving students unable to get jobs. Komo's Carleen Johnson reports. The median amount of debt relief is about fourteen hundred dollars and see has sixty days to notify former students about the settlement hundreds of teens and preteens will be in the area this weekend for one of the biggest competitions of its kind. Come was. Brian Calvert spoke with one local participant hoping to hop and spin her way to a win..

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