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A briefing with the unified command group here at gosheh obviously tropical storm nato's developing very quickly and it is moving quickly as well it's already claimed seventeen lives in nicaragua and honduras when it was over land there and autos just released two at four p m today the strong tracked is actually move slightly further to the west and as a result we do anticipate a direct hit in louisiana when it makes landfall and currently the cone of four this track extends from the vermillion perish area on the far west over to the alabama ford alarm on the far east this data louisiana's prepared but everyone must pay close attention because the waters in the gulf mexico remain extremely warm there is potential for this storm to intensify very quickly it landfall is expected early sunday morning other as a strong tropical storm or a week category one hurricane but that's what's expected as of today as the storm moves across the gulf everyone should pay very close attention because intensification is certainly possible once it enters the golfing travels over those warm waters so stay alert monitor the updates and he'd follow the directions event from local authorities the bottom line for people lose the you need to be where you want to be an end the posture you on beep by dark on saturday so here it goes up we are monitoring the storm with hhour being 2000 hours or eight o'clock on saturday evening because that's when we need to be ready once it gets dark things are much more difficult uh and so we're asking people the make sure that they are fully ready and prepared where they want to be and then the proper posture by 8 o'clock on saturday night i'll have declared that emergency ahead of this storm will later today and very shortly a request president trump declare a pre landfall state of emergency here uh in louisiana you should know that i have already spoke with him administrator brock long and tom bossard who is the president so much purity advisor i am confident that they are prepared offered the support that state louisiana a would need in order to effectively deal with this store and i appreciate that proactive nature with which they are approaching this storm and communicating coordinating a with the state louisiana we can't expect tropicalstorm force winds beginning late saturday in southeast louisiana uh with some areas fear feeling hurricane force winds i.

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