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Suite to understand how they make buying decisions. These are critical insights. Anybody who's in sales or marketing today to understand how the sweet learn about new products and guess what? It's different than what we thought not cold calling. It's not cold emailing a lot of networking in there, but that's what I teach my course, and I show you how to do it in a systematic are humanistic way that's insanely affective. I'm gonna start putting soundbites from the case studies into the podcast, so you can kind of get a customer testimonial from that. Also want to make sure you're checking out co, video dot com. That's what I use for my video emails video. This is the year I'm telling you twenty eighteen is going to go down in history as a year of video. It's everywhere. It's on all social media and it's insanely effective. I'm talking about ten to a hundred times more effective than texts follow me on linked. I'll show you what I'm doing and I'm getting enormous tracts traction. You just can't buy at almost any price. So check that out as well. Connect up with me on linked in. I really appreciate the people who follow the podcast page. It's a company page, basically search for b. two b. revenue. It'll come up. Just follow it. I share funny videos every day and updates on the podcast. Let's get it to the interview. And at the end I'll summit up for everybody. Thanks for listening. Hey, DJ. Thanks for joining us today as way getting started. Tell us about yourself. Thanks for having me Brian. I'm DJ Francis. I run hub-and-spoke marketing out of beautiful Boulder. Colorado were an independent marketing consultancy with specialty in b. two b. content marketing. How'd you get interested in this. You know, I actually got my masters in contemporary literature. The job I have today didn't exist when I was in school. So I kind of found my way just through to nasty and an enjoyment you know speaking to large groups of people is is something that I enjoy. And so marketing was kind of a natural fit. And what made you decide to go out on your own. You know, I actually started speaking with a network called communal. They're they're vetted professional network based out of Calgary, and I'm now paying member of that group in and they kind of gave me the the fortitude to to go out on my own last year because it's a network where you can give and get work. I felt like I could was enough of of a similarity to agency model that I could kind of work my way in. It's proven successful. I've been out of my own for almost two years now. And what is your focus now which expertise? So it's to content marketing, which tends to occupy three different kinds of areas. I is the strategy. So what are we even trying to get out of this? What's the? What does the brand when it communicate Howard the hour we internally aligned and then the content execution. So I do everything from the greed of execution myself to managing teams of of writers or freelancers. And then Thirdly, there's the technical implementation. So what is. The software that's going to kind of undergird all of this. You know, I, I am especially familiar with things like hub spot, more keto. Other marketing automation rec- are implant forms often of come into the mix because in order to support the content that I'm recommending, putting out there, we need to have that platform up to to kind of sport that publishing process is a particular case study like to share with us today. Yeah, you know, I'm here today to talk a little bit about my work with Airbnb for work, so I worked with them over almost all of twenty seventeen, and we were able to develop a demand generation content hub which you can find at Airbnb for work dot com. And so what I'd like to discuss today is just kind of how we came up with that content hub. Some of the the benefits of it, there is a pretty robust lead scoring a program running underneath it, so I can speak about all of those topics in more. Yeah, we'll we'll take us through the journey. What what were they trying to accomplish?.

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