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So this podcast contains a little adult language and sexual content. And if you references to potato skins. I was not what my father called a loose girl to go into the city and go to bars. Ellen latman was twenty two in living at home with her parents. When I said, I even thought about getting an apartment moving to the city, he said, if you moved to the city, I will not make you a wedding because girls get very loose when they go into the big city. This was nineteen sixty eight. She was working as a teacher on Long Island and friends called me and said, let's go out. We're going to a bar in the city, and I was kind of permit proper and I said, I don't go to bars in new that people got together gathered pause in drank, but there was lots of talk about not getting picked up at a bar because you don't know what will happen if he kept picked up. But her friends insistent come to the upper east side. They said this place isn't like other bars. She walks in in his packed. It was a is open for me. I had never been to that kind of loud filled with people. I knew from high school and college young people standing three, four, deep from the bar, and then a big six foot tall guy walks over to Ellen and asks if she wants to go to a show why I said, are you asking me out on a date? And he said, no, he said, you see that guy over there sitting in the corner, he needs date. He had a date with a girl. She broke the date tonight and he still has the tickets. So I said, well, what's wrong with him? Why doesn't he come over and ask me that guy in the corner, STAN, his roommate promised him to find the perfect day to replace the one who stood him up. Ellen looks over and Stanton's cute, but he's not her type two drunk for one thing. His friend says to him, this is the girl we've picked out for you. And he said to me, I can do better. And I said, really been go right ahead. I said I had no interest in you anyway. That to your face. Yeah, between you and me, I said, fuck you. Walked away. This was that kind of place where women were making the call where the playing field was a little more even and where women like Ellen realized you could pick and choose that place. TGI Fridays. This is not the Fridays I know today. This wasn't in a mall or an airport. There are no potato skins, no families with kids. This was the upper east side of Manhattan at a time when TGI Friday's was the hottest place to be young and single in New York. It was like the Tinder of the nineteen sixties. I you thinking of TGI Fridays is like a place. I went in the mall when visited family in jersey. I had no idea that it had played a significant role in this moment on the precipice of the sexual revolution. You know, all the young singles wanted to go to Friday's. That was the hot spot. Police came along and stopped Traficant. I literally stopped traffic felt as a bartender, relax rock and roll star, and you're gonna be on stage. It was the social scene in Dallas, New York, Houston, Chicago in Little Rock, Arkansas. It was a phenomenon but land a Seattle wasn't amazing happening..

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