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Z have to get it on any of this? Why why does he oh anyone response if he wasn't aware of what was going on with our Kelly? Why does he? You have to insert himself into this. I don't think that he does. I hear you that. It's the right thing to do. But I still don't think he owes it to anyone. I think you can say both of those statements. All right. Well, he doesn't always to anybody. But even even if he's not going to remove the music just a message of solidarity with those women that could be healing for them. I mean, anywhere any possible way for these women to feel better feel more whole I think we should encourage that. And try to do that. I I'm doing that in my own way, you know, speaking, and I've always spoken up about our Kelly. Always I mean, I've known well more R Kelly news in the last week police paid a visit to his Chicago home after they received calls that two women were being held hostage. The women though claim that they were there of their own free will also owned this is laughable. There was a story that was leaked that are Kelly's been having panic attacks. Yeah, that's called you're guilty conscience bitch. And I like to say again for the record are Kelly has not been charged with any crime yet. Neither was fucking Bill. Cosby for decades, polka stating it for the record. That's all that. I'm doing. I already told you what I thought after seeing the show. I also believe that there are two sides to every story. I haven't heard that side of it yet. I'm open to hear it. But I would just like to reiterate he hasn't been charged with anything yet. That's all. Yeah. We get take that for what you want. We get it. Well, art Kelly's own flesh and blood his daughter JoAnne, Kelly poor kid. She has broken her. Silence. On this taken to Instagram and labeled her dad, a monster. And R Kelly thinks that his ex has brainwashed their children, they had I didn't even know R Kelly was married to anybody other than Leah. And also there's I mean, this is like the art Kelly show basic on board with it already. I'm really hoping we move on. Well, there's so much to get to cares seriously. It's all so out there, and it's just like all a bunch of opinions and well known and not all of it is opinions his lawyer confirmed that are Kelly was in fact, married to an underage Alenia. And this lawyer should be fired for even speaking out on it. But the lawyer claims that Eliya lied to our Kelly about her age and said, she was older. However, the internet is the best sleuth the best private investigator. There is because if it's out there, it'll be dug up they unearthed a video of our Kelly. Speaking about Eliya before they got married and in that. Video. He is speaking as her producer saying that he's working on this new artist. Who's just fourteen years old? He said her. Wow. Really he knew her a in that video God. All right. Let me just quickly blast through a couple of more are Kelly things, but not too many French Montana came out in defense of our Kelly saying all the greats went down like that let somebody enjoy their legacy. Whatever happened happened, man. Well, that doesn't sound so smart I would agree with that. He ended up sort of apologizing after that video. There was there was video of French Montana saying that he said let me clear my heart is with the victims. I never thought the people I looked up to as a kid who sang and danced and gave me hope to become a superstar would become drug addicts child molesters and rapists. I am hoping we as a culture create better leaders we need. It's funny. One sounds like something he said the other one sounds like something a lawyer wrote. Finally to wrap or Kelly segment. He threw a party since we recorded our last podcast in Chicago. To celebrate his birthday. And it was sold out. There was a ton of mainly women. There isn't that wild..

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