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NPR news. Hundreds of Chinese companies have posted losses for twenty eighteen another sign of China's echo. Economic slowdown NPR's rob Schmitz has more on the day before a deadline to post earnings warnings four hundred forty Chinese companies did just that of the more than two thousand four hundred listed firms in China that have announced preliminary earnings nearly four hundred said they'll post a loss in two thousand eighteen a big change from the year before when eighty six percent of them were profitable, the data's reminder of how China's slowdown is damage many parts of its economy like airlines vehicle manufacturers refrigerator makers first official. Gauge of China's economy in two thousand nineteen was released today showing a slowdown across the manufacturing sector. Eased off a little in January. Rob Schmitz, impair news Shanghai. President Trump is welcoming Chinese trade officials to Washington the US and China are seeking to resolve trade disputes Trump has threatened to impose two hundred billion dollars in new tariffs on Chinese goods, unless the disputes are settled on Wall Street, the Dow Jones industrial average is down forty points at twenty four thousand nine hundred seventy five it's. NPR from K Q E D news, I'm Brian watt. State officials plan to take a snapshot of California's so-called frozen reservoir today. This time it brings a sigh of relief from state water managers central valley. Farmers and skiers cake science editor Craig Miller has more when surveyors check the snowpack this morning, they're likely to find its water content. Clocking in at just about average for this point in the winter. Well average is good news given the state of things a month ago. Ben hatchet is a climate scientist of the desert research institute in Reno. We can really make up a lot of ground. If we just have a couple of a heavy hitting storms. We got him in January which kinda put us over the hump for the season with the snowpack. Now at about sixty percent of what they'd hoped for in April. When it's typically at its peak and begins to melt cold front right behind the storm sweeping in tomorrow, should improve the picture even more. I'm Craig Miller. News navy officials say during the partial government, shutdown cleanup continued at formers hunters point naval shipyard in San Francisco, but had happened without oversight from the Environmental Protection Agency. Hundreds of homes already existed, hunters point and hundreds of additional units are in the works there. Dan, Hirsch, a nuclear policy expert and former UC Santa Cruz professor is concerned. The lapse in oversight could make it difficult for the EPA to determine if the cleanup is happening properly. And if it is not cleaned up appropriately we're talking about producing large amounts of health effects. The EPA says it's restarted reviews of clean up data, and that state and local regulators continued their oversight at hunters point during the shutdown. I'm Brian watt. K QB news support comes from Cisco. Who's new Cisco WebEx meetings provide integrated audio video and sharing content for all businesses? Six minutes past the hour of eight now and time for another look at traffic.

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