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Traffic and weather on the 8s to Carlos Ramirez in the WTO traffic center, playing my song. Thank you so much, Stephanie. Southbound side of D.C. two 95 after east capitol street had just passed Pennsylvania avenue. That's where you will see the work group. You should be getting by single file. Southbound. No delays because of it though, you should be just fine to get a south at that point. If you had to northbound all up to speed as well, westbound side of route 50 just past kennel worth avenue, they got some cones up along the right hand side of the roadway. It looks like they're just blocking that deceleration lane. So shouldn't cause much trouble. You know, look at the beltway. The work crew is still out there. Looks like they're blocking two right lanes still as you had past, Pennsylvania avenue with again zero delays. If you're headed on the outer loop, there was a disabled vehicle reported, looks like if they are still out there, they're going to be near Pennsylvania avenue along the left side, but should have cleared by now. Northbound side of two ten, still got that work crew after Palmer road headed towards the beltway. Currently, two left lanes are blocked, stay single file to the right. Southbound I 95, the worker is still out there, but the delays are not the left side of the roadway is blocked, you only have a single right lane getting by headed past one 23, but again, zero delays because of it. Northbound 95 completely up to speed towards Springfield three 95 looks good. All your area bridges headed into the district also up to speed, interlude with the beltway, not seeing any work crews tonight headed past 66 and up through tysons and towards the American legion bridge, and as I said, 66 is running smoothly. Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic. Now to storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. Scattered showers throughout the day, temperatures peaking in the low to mid 80s. Tonight, mostly Claire with temperatures falling into the low 60s

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