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Ten grams would run you about a thousand. I'm not really sure around the time streetfighter but maybe got some sort of bundle deal when he got all the way up to ten grams. So I don't know what the rights fees situation is on this, Mike. So help me out because it is from the Espy. So I'm going to assume that we own the sound, but I don't want the sound from the Espy's last night. I want the sound from when the Espy's changed most dramatically. When norm Donald went up there and did stand up and he did it in a way that insulted the athletes and the athletes in the crowd, the stars of their times to gots were not having the norm MacDonald roast jokes. There was a lot of self seriousness in the room. They certainly weren't having the OJ Simpson jokes. And so I'd like to go back to that time because I didn't watch last night. That is a hard hard thing to pull off what ESPN does every year that big show where you get all of these athletes to come in and danika Patrick was the host had some cheat. She had some jokes that were risque more risque then. ESPN normally goes into some of these areas. They give themselves permission on a drinking night on a celebration night, but can we get that norm Donald sound Mike for the people who don't remember the Espy's changed forever when norm Donald hosted them because he insulted the athletes and that's not what ESPN Dutt's right for the most part, we're critical of athlete behavior, but we're not roasting athlete. I'm great of these rows, spin on comedy, central Charlie Sheen Bruce Willis, Bruce. Well, it's announced at the end of it the the other day that diehard is not a Christmas movie, nounce it at the end of his celebrity rose. He does not get to decide that now he does not. We decided made him the decider on that. I don't know. Demi Moore was a part of that roast with Bruce Willis that's fought and she said, diehard one, two and three. They were great because they were married at the time, the rest because they weren't married. I mean, it was good. You're right journey. Be great if we could do like celebrity sports rose. That'd be. Great athlete rose. The Viet has an arid yet the Bruce Willis roast spoiler alert. What about the norm? Donald sound that aired right. That aired once upon a time when I don't feel like you have to ask anybody's permission, it's our property, right? Don't we get to grandfather in all previous ESPN sound now explain to me how this will be more complicated in that also just the time it takes to roll on it also their stat. Okay, but hold on m. i. dabbling in dangerous subject matter does. Does the Bristol campus still have scars from whatever it was fifteen years ago because of what norm Donald did during his opening monologue of the SPCA is there, is there some sort of scab? I'm tearing off here that I don't know about. Yes. Well, now you know about it, so you're gonna tear it off anyway. All right, fine. Look it up on the internet norm Donald's all over the place. We can't play for you because we're scared of our own shadow. But normally Donald did this thing where it's called comedy and he did it fifteen years ago and back then it was dangerous. And Ken Griffey got mad and we stopped doing comedy that way better. I'm gonna try to find it. On it's there for history. What are we trying to do? Hide it, which you're an hide it sort of. Okay. So nobody can see it. It was great. Is it still on the internet? Do we scrub it Disney rain down global security. The web of navy seals came down and scrubbed it from the internet. I'm going to Chuck..

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