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Caught off side with Andrew gully and JJ Davani. Offside with the Upper West side of that had and predominantly JJ Davani. What's up? I'm okay. How are you doing? Well, feeling good going away this weekend where you're going to Syracuse university on back with the entire family? Mom, dad, sister her boyfriend, Amanda, my wife, and Jack his first trip up there. It's going to be great right to see the old Orangemen. We're gonna go to a game at the dome. Nice coach man will be there old man. We'll be there and his son plays for the team freshman, exciting code. Yeah. Player young men and should be fun. I'm really really excited about the only problem is Amanda has the flu. It's on a marvel of of modern science, quite frankly that I don't get sick more than I do. I should be studied. Yeah. You don't get. You've got a young kids. Yeah. You don't get sick that much at all. I know. I mean, you are low risk as a person though, you know, you don't put you why. I don't know. You just said I have a young kid who's not only do I have three year old. He's India days a week. It's he's a walking Petri dish. But going out and staying believed allows the body to be run down enough to get a lot of Kohl's. What time do you think? I go to bed at night. Oh. Between ten thirty and eleven thirty usually later usually after midnight wild man, by the way, never asked me about my weekend. I was in Vermont. Okay. How do you know? I wasn't getting to it. You weren't where you gotta show. We have. Now, I'm curious because I know you're what are you people like to ski? But. Yeah. Yeah. They all like to ski. I had a glorious Saturday where they all left the house that we rented among snow beautiful area. And I went out in God's country. That's what I call it. It's so wonderful. You see the mountains una backyard, which is basically a massive field with a hill. And I just sledded created my own sled run all of my own watched all the football the Super Bowl. No, no soccer. I mean. Yeah. I watched the Super Bowl on Sunday. This was Saturday at the whole day to myself where they were on a crowded mountain just it was glorious. That sounds great. I always enjoy those. I like meantime, more than anything in the world time. Meantime means every want to be alone under your your alone. I've always said that about you. What a show we have coming up. Lots of talk about in the Premier League from both over the weekend and midweek action as Manchester City and Everton have kinda just sorta wrapped up there afternoon fixture. Fulltime has happened. Stop talking. Just here. We are pitch side players are heading back into the tunnel as we speak, and we got a what to watch for that. I'm. I'm kind of on and. Yeah. So it should be kind of fun. Hope all enjoy it. We also have another podcast out, which is much more fun. That's all the excite. Well, John strong joined us to talk about to kind of recap what we should and should not take away from the January camp with the US men. We also talk about some of the movement in MLS and what it means for the league. And also there was a good red card man of the match on that one. So this is so many so much fun to be had so much content to consume. Let's start with the content and we'll do that with the EP L title race. Because it is on it is on jayjay. It is on Manchester City defeat..

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