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What's her name? Who who saying I love the Nightlife Bora gainer no blonde White Lady Love the Nightlife Delta Made Abbas. Really be around that time. They released her song at a single bridges. Eliecer Bridges I was. I was hanging out with the girls. In Perfidious Lawn Patricia Field and the least breaches came and and she was such a like you know they are up for the video in the seventies I this point he just looked like you know bull dyke and she was so sweet and gave us Free singles was like twelve inch pink. I love the nightlife. And she's like if you ever come down to Atlanta. I play at Ej the men's leather bar. Tuesday nights she she was so nice she allies did she. I remember mark really sweet but there was certainly An appreciation for vintage clothing and culture and movies. And even if you think about Wait stock and you know lady miscarriages and delights aesthetic. It was very much. Meant to be a throwback to the you know the love generation of the late sixties and early seventies. So that's what we assume born in fifty three. So No uh-huh yeah. She was very was really nice to meet her. It's fun you think. New York is full of celebrities. You don't necessarily least I don't meet them left and right so once in a while to tell you the truth. I'm usually excited about the less major celebrity's sometimes I'd be working at a party in the huge celebrity would be there. I don't even know who they are. I don't watch those things but it would take a picture next to them anyway because it'll look good for me. I'm going to pick but when it was somebody that I'm into like Mitt Meeting Miss Yvonne From Pee Wee's playhouse like was such a thrill for me that an emit giambi. I've heard great things about John. Paragon who plays GIAMBI and Lynne Stewart? Who plays missive on? Like you could write to them and be like. Hey you like I love you all like when you're in real life is the nicest parts of MRI. Von When peewee was on Broadway perfidious did Miss Yvonne's hair and she brought me to the dressing room. It's got to hang out with them and it was amazing. Incoming God I love you either to me. That's like better than eating. You know I'd rather meet them than those Kardashians. She was so sweet she she had a little party. One of the empty dressing rooms. She turns it into a party room after the show and invited me to the after show party so it was fun. So so Lynne. Stewart really is the most beautiful woman in puppet land. I just told her that on facebook. She wished me happy birthday. And I said you're still the most beautiful woman to focus lamb. Well happy it's past thank you. Yeah I had a celebrate my birthday a basically by myself and at my husband in the other room and working alone and it felt like I was alone in the desert. I thought the apocalypse would be now more like mad. Max Beyond Thunderdome. Tina Turner comes out and says like. Don't tell me about the rules. I made the rules and the will says if you bust deal face the wheel like that. You know what? I'm kind of glad. That's not the apocalypse. Yeah you guys not using the Thunderdome. It's just sitting there rust and away. I am just mostly dealing with this by not dealing with it. I try to read a little news. And then turn it off and watch insane things on a net flicks. I told you about the movie. I'm obsessed with did deny we started watching. Oh my ghost that is my corentin kick. I am obsessed with. Oh my ghost on Netflix. A slapstick Drag Queen. Ghost movie Minutes into it in this is kind of confusing and it's really hard to follow. That's easier to follow as you go on Although part is very hard to follow but And so you were discussing with us this movie. Oh my is actually. There's like four or five of them on Netflix. There there are actually six of them. So there's one of them that came before this movie. That's not on their heart. Look yeah because remember in the credits in the opening credits. It says are to know Netflix. Explicit and their friend pancake is already dead but other than the fact that pancake is dead. I think there's nothing else you have to know. The actress who plays pancake it comes back is the sister or brother or something like that should see comes as a sister but then she comes back also like if you keep watching the movie we're talking about is oh my ghost and it's a ghost story told by Thai drag Queens Okay. So this is basically a film that has Just imagine the three stooges if they were tie and in drag and directed by John Waters and using the sound effects provided by Hanna Barbera Studios. That's a good description just like ru Paul's drag race Thailand. It's really he like I just I having a really hard time just figuring out what is going on and the boys the boys in the in the in the movie are really cute. The 'cause they have their aunties in their aunties you said Reminded you have some of the Queen's that you would see in Thailand because you've been going to Thailand for years rain now they have a lot of the same kind of drag. We have because of the drag race influence the traditionally most of the performers were beautiful. Trans girls that were like beautiful and then the comedian ones were usually like not Trans Chubby. Not the best looking so like almost. They're they're brought. Idea of. Humor is a ugliest funny. They would even do their makeup to look uglier like paint their nostrils to look turned up. Or you know what tapes her nose flat like Amy Sedaris used to do sometimes or blackout teeth like the false eyelashes common gag in this. And I'm wondering like is this a reaction to Paul's drag race when gun had a Wonky eyelash. I don't think these movies have been going on so long from the early two thousands so I don't like I don't think I heard this is the John I have to ask more questions. But this DRAG GHOST. Mufi thing is like been staying apart from this series and I have to learn more about it. There is a whole there is a whole like okay trying to tell you as much as I understand the term ladyboy. The entire is cut choice. I'm not pronouncing it. Perfectly now. Cut Toy goes back to the days before there was even surgery so it is a very broad umbrella term. A transgender woman would color. They would call her a coach Roy but they would also call very Queenie man who was just very fem Koi and so the assist like singing movies of like the comedian Choi There's another movie on. Netflix called to get this name. It's called footsie's and the fake translates to seizes like their translation of the word. And it's these like crazy Queenie guys that are sometimes in drag with no explanations times they're not it's definitely a higher production value than ghost. It's also an outrageous storyline. They very with their jokes about being ugly jokes about being fat jerks about you having crooked teeth but it's more watchable. I watched it. It's a little long but is really funny to Polari word for bottom so you see trade to trade is when two bottoms hook up. It seems like it's easier for Hollywood to tell the story of a straight six gendered man. Who's dressing up in drag in order to get a job or to win back the love of this family as opposed to you know somebody a gay or trans person or even a heterosexual woman Dressing up in drag just to have a little fun. It's forced feminization really. It's like to become a woman. I have to do it that way I can do so. I can so that these other things can be accomplished and you know for a lot of people. It's for someone who's Asian as a fetish. We interviewed Amy Vodka House. Who like? That's her job now. She basically is a dominatrix. Forced feminization person. Guys COME OVER TO THEIR HOUSE. They she pays them lots of money. She dresses them up in little panties. Maybe she'll whip them and humiliate them take some photos and then she sends them on her way GIG. She quit her job at the hotel. Because you just like. I'd rather do this at home. And but she's like between that and making wigs. I'm fine is only one better gig than.

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