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You know edwin jackson he was a dreamer edwin jackson dreamed of being in the nfl edwin jackson worked hard and achieved his dream you see it's not only illegalimmigrant children who dream of succeeding in america democrats sitting on their hands mocking president trump as he says all americans are dreamers edwin jackson was a dreamer and was murdered in cold blood binding illegalimmigrant drunk and there's something else that they won't tell ya you know there are cultural differences and unfortunately it's macho central american countries to drive drunk it's not as big of a deal as it is here and so we have a lot of these accidents you're a racist how dare you say i'm not being racist i'll be in factual it is macho in latin american countries for guys to drive broke but we don't want to accept it's just like when we are at war with in the middle east with the terrorists right democrats ago whom they w they don't wanna we don't wanna fight them we're not at war with them so yeah well they think are at war with us see democrats want to pretend all these things they want to pretend that illegal immigrants are here for out of the goodness of their hearts they want to pretend that all children the comey of their dream it's a dreamer thing and at americans are dream they want to pretend trump is evil they want to pretend that republicans hey everybody they want to pretend that guys who dressed up like girls are really women they want to pretend pretend pretend you know who pretends children pretend and its past time that we allowed the children toronto america the children of run america into the ground and now the adults have to clean up the mess and part of the children are the republican party do because they.

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