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Well, I think for Jason sake we should start with the starting from here from here on it's he who shall not be named. No, we're going to talk about this starting running back Lagarde. Blunt. Yes, yes, we are. I mean, not volda March downs a couple years ago guys signed this off so year. My right lag- garra blunt is going to eat on the goal line. Oh, man. Well gear, blunt. Let's let's talk about him legitimately though. Sure. He has a history with Matt, Patricia, going back to New England. I that has to be, you know, one of the significant reasons why they brought him in there. There's a stabilizing nature to having legare blunt. There are more durable running back. Somebody that lets you ease in carry on Joe voldemort and theoretic. Is there who's been one of the most consistent pass catching running, backs in the game. Amir dul is still there too, isn't he? Yeah, he's somewhere he's if he has a different wind, Joe Amir Abdulah, be core Coleman. Me like that. Coming soon very soon unless unless they want to commit him to special teams and let him be there kick returner punt returner you know that that would be a role I would give Abdul right out of the gate. Yeah, but it's for legare blunt in all seriousness despite the hype that carry on his getting coming out of training camp, I still expect leaguer blunt to be the starting running back for at least a couple of weeks. You know what this looks like to me. I hadn't thought about this before Chris Johnson and Arizona, and David Johnson writes where the incumbent still gets work, but eventually the talent overcomes, well, the talent overcame to injuries in the case of David Johnson. It wasn't until Chris Johnson and, oh, I can't even recall the other running back who was in front of David that season and he went down. That's how David Johnson, Andre Ellington. Thank you. Ellen s. Andrey Ellington. But I think here. Aaron will take over. I think the talent will win out, but it's not going to be week one. So it's that's. That's where it's tough for me in fantasy drafts to spend that sixth round pick on kerryon Johnson, knowing I'm going to be holding 'em on my bench for I don't know how long I hope it's two weeks. But what if it six weeks? What if it's eight weeks? Because Luxair blunts is still has enough left in the tank and the team has committed to him. Yeah, and and we also do not have. I mean, look, Matt, Patricia is a brand new head coach. We talk a lot about Marvin. Lewis doesn't want his rookies to get in right away, head coach, right, and control that. And we don't know map Patricia's belief in that you can't know it yet. And so there is without a doubt, a lot of risk built into taking carry on Johnson as any kind of reliable piece that you have to Sears week one. And this is coming from the kerryon Johnson truth, or you have to recognize that. That come week one, he very well might not get work that is worthy of being a starting running back, fantasy football, I believe he will, but the risk is there. If you look in the ultimate draft kit, the risk rating on kerryon Johnson is higher than you know, because because I've got him projected as as a starter, my risk rating is much higher according to those projections this, and now it's only six round pick, but that's right now because Jason keeps pumping up the average draft position of Carrie Johnson. This is Joe mixing from last year who ended up as a fourth round pick even though gray in front of him was Jeremy hill. He'll look at one and and.

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