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You weren't sure if he could handle pressure he's been great again you know. He's i don't know if he's like number one in the fedex cup but but he's close and he's making money and he's winning and he and he's the big star and in the sport and he's good for sport because he's kind of telling can he's good looking and he's weird that he does all kinds of strange things all his clubs of the same length and he's got a weird putting Style everything else so. He is good tv and yesterday. He was great tv because he went was thirty. Something holes without a bogey. Which is mind boggling to me. On one of the hardest courses he will ever see How many calls did you go without a bogey yesterday cone the well i mean i tripled the first hall so that was robbed. That would count as any kind of bogie single double triple boca on. You're one of the hardest courses in the world under. Us open pressure. And you go thirty whole the bogey and always boxing any went. I forget the number of holes without a three-putt on those unbelievably fast greens. But he was playing great. he was in the hunt. I picked him to win on saturday night. I said he's gonna finish strong here and win. He just completely collapsed. What what's the number mcgrath. Played on the back. Plus eight on the back of a. Us open eight over to finish at his seventy seven. Did he finish it. I believe finished with seventy seven. Yep seventy and lost literally millions in or you know. Probably a million In prize money just in prize money. The winner gets to point to Jon rahm got two point two. He literally lost millions. I have have. He made like a hundred grand. I believe i'll get the number But an and if he want he would've won two point two million dollars but he was under immense pressure and he could not handle it. It was it was amazing to anybody if anybody is allowed like a mental breakdown. Just the way he poise. It's fair to like that's going to happen to him like he. He plays such aggressive. Fucking bomb. the ball style. It's gonna go away. Well what's a good question because he he is changing gulf. Yeah and you know you always say particularly the us open. I would say you got to hit fairways fairways price and be shambo steps up and says no you. Don't i mean he bombs it three hundred fifty yards in the rough and then he only has whenever eighty ninety one hundred twenty yards left. He acts it out onto the green. So he says you guys can hit fairways and second approaches. That are two hundred yards long. I'm not gonna do that. I'm going to hit as far as i can hit it and It was working. It was working and he was just doing it a different way. I didn't know that he was capable susceptible to this kind of meltdown. This kind of breakdown in you had a. He had a Santa sh mugger shot. It was awkward. It was in a lot pillai a weird hole any just skanky e the shanked and it was. You're watching you're gone. I didn't think this guy was capable of this. So i'm not rooting against them. But there's something about watching a human being whose got it all just completely meltdown. In front of tens of of people watching around the world. That is such good. Tv and watching. Jon rahm win and bring out his baby win after he got screwed on the covert thing and his parents flew in from spain. You know his wife there and with the yellow fingernails and nicholson try to pick up his wife somehow somehow forcing his way into the inner circle i know they both went to arizona state but it was a little weird. That mickelson was the one guy sitting with his wife. As as rum is he's on the range and then louis stays in Whatever screws up hits it into the penalty area on eighteen assuring ram of the win. And there's mickelson right in the middle of a little strange. But hey that's phil he wants to be. You know he wants to be part of the part of the entourage of this new young superstar rom who is kind of fun to watch he just lashes the ball and big and strong got great touch. Great hands But the big story. I mean if i'm a columnist if you're columnist and you're covering this you don't even touch rom you just say good luck to him. You go after bryce and you you you focus on that drama that choke that meltdown. Because that's much more compelling the losers are always more compelling covering the you know the sixers hawks you go to ben simmons you go to ask ben. Simmons teammates embiid is coach rivers. They really didn't support him. They just said you know it is what it is and you know A rivers was asked. Could ben simmons be the point guard on a championship team and he said like i don't know the answer that he didn't support his guy. They're done. They're done trying to caudal. Baby ben simmons. Because it isn't working and i guess if you're at if you're at the us open and you're covering it you go to Speaking of dink's You go to kepco just kept the hates. Pipe bryson d shambo and kept Beat him i mean. He didn't win but he was Let me get the damn leaderboard. Here he Let's see we go rum. Where is Captive tied for fourth tied for fourth at two under. And you gotta go way way find. I'm gonna find poor bryson pool bryson diseases. Where the hell is. He tied for twenty sixth. He was like one shot off the lead. Any totally melt down finishes with a seventy seven. I saw afterwards. He basically they were talking some article. I read this morning. It was saying he was already kind of over it by the time he got to his car and i actually believe him. No i do. I do because i think if you try to. Innovate within the game to the extent that he's changing the game. You know that you're going to have some mishaps along the way. Unfortunately yes it's gonna hurt. I mean there's like. I don't ever remember seeing anything like this from from tiger woods. And it's been a while since you saw something like from phil fill right. He probably recover. He's happy gilmore. Like he's the and it's a shocking. It hasn't happened more often. he's he swings out of his shoes. I mean a madman literally swung out of his shoes. What was that. Tina was where that was the beginning of the end when he and they showed it his foot slipped and he he pushed it into the junk and it was like. Wow they start talking about spikes and why did he wear longer spikes and maybe he'll do that but You're right he swings. It's weird as feeder moving all over the place. He's not uses a different club than everyone else know less club. It's amazing washing amount of power. Five go you know. Three sixty three seventy on the drive and then use a wedge on a second shot. He tied with martin. Commerce chris baker Techy matsuyama any of those guys. Once on all weekend they were just also rans but as meltdown was so dramatic that he fell so far down the leaderboard. I want to get the money. Get the money for me when he are you to dave's if i wanna find out how much it cost them because that was like something i've never seen before or i don't remember seeing a guy that level meltdown that completely that dramatically. And just lose it. And it's if that's a lot of guys there snap in clubs or not snapping slamming clubs and there and he just he you're right he holds seat he puts on a bowl face and i guess i guess he didn't wind and bitch and complain and didn't blame brooks kept her a blame the the people heckling him and it'll be in the other reason it's great is now you get to see how he recovers from that. You know it was. It was interesting to see how rahm recovered from that stupid covid Whatever elimination where they after..

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