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On the show. Former Buffalo Bill now NFL writer analyst For ESPN, Matt Bowen, because we're going to talk about Josh Allen, which we love talking about around here and he's got there are two interesting pieces to bring up one. Matt did a piece recently. Maybe you saw it. An article about how to defend the six elite offenses. The bills were one of those elite offenses and bills fans. Of course, Kansas City is on there as well. So we'll bring that up plus new. They have an article called the NFL Quarterback Council, and they've ranked the top 10 quarterbacks in a number of different categories. Josh figures prominently, So we're going to get to all that. Hopefully, as Matt joins us on the Western Hotline matted Tower to break and good morning thanks for giving us some time today. And what's going on. How are you? I'm doing well, thanks for coming on with us. Appreciate it, You know, let's start with Josh Allen met and obviously it's well documented what he was able to do last season. Why do you think he was? He was trending up anyway. But why was he able to make such a big leap from year two to year three. Something is both player and coach in that situation. I go back to the time I play in the league, and any time she rapid development with the younger players, this is Josh is still younger player in the league. Heard a couple of things. One, a willingness to be coached. Okay, And I think Josh is one of those players that want to be coached. Hard, wants to be held accountable, wants to see his game rise throughout his coaching throughout the scheme. That's the other part with Brian Devil. And Ken Dorsey what they do offensively in Buffalo. Uh, one of best game players in the league. You see if we can and week out, not only their a game plan heading into it, how they adjust throughout the game, making adjustments based on series based on what they're seeing defensively. First half the second half and how they attack opposing defenses. I think right now Brian David was one of the best in the NFL attacking Mann Cup. You can go to multiple games last year last season with the Buffalo Bills office and how they run away from man coverage. Probably give wide receivers free access off the football and the other thing with Josh going back to Josh. Greg Cosell's My teammates with Sal pH. Antonio in the NFL matchup show at ESPN. We go back to that Monday night game against San Francisco. Uh, gonna build around the road was the best game of Josh Allen's career. I really believe that the reason I say that because He was so comfortable in the pocket so much in command of that office, and then you saw the place and this is always what you look at the top quarterbacks in the NFL. Mahomes Rogers, Russell Wilson. Josh Allen is right on In that next year. I believe And what they can do One day play within the structure of the offensive guys. The best thing about him to they can go outside of structure when necessary, and that's what you saw from Josh a lot this year. It was playing within the structure of the offensive then when he had to make those second reaction place He turns into a playmaker, reflecting agreed on the San Francisco game. By the way, it was effortless, and I've said before, Matt like that night was the night I looked at and thought, Okay, these guys could actually make it to the Super Bowl, But But let me I'm going to fast forward a little bit to your article about defending elite offenses because your reference table in there And I guess I'll ask you this. There was a lot a lot of bills. Fans were nervous in the offseason thinking maybe Brian table would get a head coaching job, and he's done a fantastic job here with Josh Allen. Do you think Josh Allen is at a point? That even with if Briand able leaves after this season gets a head coaching job is Allen at a point where he's good enough. It isn't all just well, that's that's the guy and when he leaves, there's going to be an issue. That's a great question, and I'm glad you brought it up to those guys are mentioned at the top. Mahomes Rogers. Russell Wilson. I call them scheme transcended quarterbacks and what I mean by that is they can play in any scheme. They can function and producer pretty much in the offense in the National Football League, and I think Josh is right in the next year. Where you can put them in any system, and you can adapt. That's just and you can cater to the offensive. His skills. That's any good offensive coordinator and coach. Naval leaves they bring in someone new. Well, If you look at the offensive last year, you can have some new install. Obviously. It's just still gonna you're still going to design the office or on the strength of the player. And we're Josh l right now he's had the arm strength. You throw a vocation and accuracy. He can read it out from the pocket. You can use my design quarterback runs and he brings up second reaction elements your office because he can get outside of the pocket and create with his legs or with his arms. When you put that all together, that's a scheme transcendent player that should be able to fit in any offensive scheme. With with your four now. Matt. Matt Bowen, ESPN End of analysts with us on the Western Hotline. What's next for Josh Allen? What do you need to see from him? Is there anything you think he could do? What could he do better in year four. I think you look at the two Kansas City Games from last year in the Tennessee game. I think you look at those three tapes..

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