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S such. Why y Jones says he was asked by ice some years ago to sponsor Nagorno who has been living in working in Albany for more than a decade hoping to gain asylum in a social media post. Apple says enough is enough and says this man doesn't deserve this. He's gone and check in with the government number of time. He pays taxes. He's doing everything. He can eat living a light here. Trying to live the American dream. And he wants to stay here legally Albany mayor Kathy Sheehan also showing support for Nagorno saying this country needs to do better W G Y morning news time, five thirty three. Patrick Madden wants another term is Troy's mayor Madden released a statement on Sunday saying he wants to ensure that the important work the city has begun. We'll continue one item on that agenda. The redevelopment of one monument square, which has been vacant since the old city hall was demolished several years ago. Madden tells W G Y news officials spent last year ascertaining what the public wants to see done with the site. We got a pretty clear vision on that. We've sketched out some. Rough ideas. Now, the next step is to take that of marketplace and see who's interested in in developing in that type of project on the particular site on another issue Madden says he's hoping the south Troy will will be open this coming summer, but says the Lansing. Berg pool is shot and needs to be replaced. One assemblyman is praising mixed martial arts for providing revenue boost of the state assemblyman. Angelo Santa Barbara announced Sunday that the state has received an additional ninety seven million dollars in revenue. From may the assemblymen was one of the key supporters in getting the legislation passed back in two thousand sixteen calling it a win win Santa Barbara specifically noted rivers casino and resort and Schenectady which is held several anime events saying hundreds of fans.

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