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Through. I was I was reading. I'm the great. I'm the great driver book reader at the same time. You know? And I could teach everyone out of text and drive. It's not it's not a problem. I can do that. Yeah. I was reading a book, and I looked up and I was in the middle of the intersection that is. Yeah. That's that's that's worse than texting when you get right down to it. So I was hammering some chicken wings in an intersection the other day and the guy beside me, it wasn't a cop or anything just a regular guy. He catches my eye just sort of shakes his head at me loser. But as chicken wings. Oh, big deal. That's all right. That's what I think. So that's part of the distracted driving in some parts of the world. Is it not? No fuck. I hope not come on come on. I don't wanna distracted driving. But I do many many many things that distract me from driving. Besides the texting and all that sort of stuff. I got a lot of other shit going on Steve when I'm driving such as just just a bunch of stuff. I get lonely. Driving? Oh, so the book was a porn magazine is what you're saying. This seems like a good time to remind people that are sponsored faces magazine it's Ottawa's sports lifestyle and entertainment magazine, offered free across eastern Ontario faces in their tenth year and proud to be auto owned and operated, they tell Ottawa's best story some great Ottawa Senator features as well faces MAG dossier, and life's busy and the books. Jim K four to here to help with the new at home test drive. The bring the test drive right to you, home or work. Whatever is best for you. Book. Your at home test drive today at Jim k Ford dot com. You vill drive in Orleans. All right. Got a couple of things I want to get to isn't a good, Steve you can edit these shows because we have these massive pauses. Sometimes they all get edited like crazy because there is a slight delay. You're an Edmonton. And I'm in Ottawa. So the internet provides us with a joyful delay. And there's a lot of times we're reaching for the Mike at the same time. So it's all good. Whether this delays or jumping on top of each other. I believe. Vai make roughly three hundred every show minimum Jesus minute. All good though. You probably d why do you figure that out on YouTube? How to do it? Well, I started the first podcast. I slathered Gooby gone all over the thing. And it didn't work at all that stuff. Let's see go game sevens. Tonight. You get not one but two the two series going in. And I think you can vote for me on this the two series. I was most interested in Toronto at Boston for my obvious hatred of Toronto that was one of my favorites and Vegas at San Jose. Because it was Mark stone versus Eric Carlson, and they're gonna go off as we record this. It will be tonight. If you're listening another day, I'm sorry Souiss. But as far as our recording goes right now it's game seven tonight, and there will be two of them. And it takes me back a little bit two nights that when Gretzky was in his prime. It was I don't know if you remember this night. It was to game sevens and the same evening, and they're both really really good yet. Gretzky taken on his former team the Edmonton Oilers. The LA kings of that stage. I believe this is nine hundred eighty nine and the Calgary Flames. Meanwhile, I believe we're taking on the Vancouver Canucks on their way to a Stanley Cup later on that spring. The remember this high forget lots of stuff does some of this stuff into my head. And it was it was at the Prescott. So there were courts involved and angry angry waiters involved. And we had a great night, though, is awesome. You know? I don't know. How you remember? What do you go like this? Let stuff that into. There's a little compartment in my brain right, there unoccupied shit that no one needs to think about but that in there, and then you could pull this stuff out. Well, it's it's the Cup has overflowed though. Like, whatever that was that's an item. That's in the Cup. Everything else. Say about nineteen ninety nine onward only a little gets in. It's just sort of spills over the side of the Cup while you're all full, Steve, you're all full with useless, exactly k times. Times that out. All right time to empty that out. My wife would agree with you. Get back on topic game seven games. So Leafs Boston. Like, you just said, anyway, I'm all about it. Love the game. Seventy you brought up this thing. Your your favorite game seven was eighteen nineteen eighty nine. That's back. You go to your favorite game seven. Well, do you have any do you like what's your if you when you think about game sevens? What do you think about do? You really want? It the silver spoon luckiest guy in. There were do really want to go against me with what what is the best experiences in my life in in in hockey. Okay. And sports, do you wanna hear the shit that I've been to I just want one? Well, I didn't see you. I thought I'd run into the gold medal game in Vancouver at the twenty ten Olympics. We there for that. That's not a game seven though. Well, fuck it way better than a game seven or go to your mind, or let me guess because you don't think the leaves are Canada's team you you probably not cheering for Canada and the Olympics. What I'm not falling that thing cheer for your own country and they Olympics. No, no. It's it's obviously awesome. And I would argue you're right. It's better than game sevens. But for context that was the that was the question about game sevens. There are many things better than game sevens. Like say winning the lottery or your wife. Does that thing you like? Dr. So I mean, you can bring in other things that are better than game sevens. But for the sake of the conversation, I'm looking for your best game seven. I can't remember actually I can't remember I've been to you know, I was there for the others cups when I moved out here in the mid eighties. I can't recall what we're game sevens. What weren't I don't recall much from back, then my memory fades now from those days? And I give you one K. Go ahead. Tell me because you and I were there together. And I think anybody who is an Ottawa Senators fans of which we have many listeners. Would probably wanna punch you in the face. You left the two thousand three game seven Eastern Conference final Ottawa versus New Jersey, and you baled you left after the second period. I do game number seven. We agree. We're in a suite. We're like at the top of the one hundred bowl like the whole city is going crazy like living and dying with every moment of this game. And you go. I'm gonna go home.

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