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Also it is very different antique people confuse the two on his motorcycle his motorcycle let's stay puzzles in the break room on if hello Carolyn my fingernails okay you're better on your bike if you want to get a quote on this list three minutes at progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company affiliates W. CBS news time four oh three Michael full ability on the six eighty WCBS Maryland news center with the headlines in the news this hour brought to you by robber in safe retirement solutions for all your retirement needs go to save retirement solutions dot com Baltimore police training required under a federal consent decree has been slow down because the covert nineteen outbreak a monitoring team that has been following the police department's reform efforts as crucial training had to be halted because more than four hundred officers have been quarantined the team also says the department has been stretched thin by enforcement of the governor stay at home order Baltimore county police investigating the death of a woman whose body was found this morning in Windsor mill home on Chippenham place police haven't released any more details in sports the ravens bringing in a trio of undrafted rookie free agents they reach deals with Missouri center Tristan Cologne Casteel Utah quarterback Tyler Huntley and Alabama Birmingham kicker Nick Vogel at least one hundred after the free agent has made the ravens week one roster for sixteen consecutive years sixty five degrees reporting a four oh four I'm Michael Phillip Ellie six eighty WCBS news Hey Sean Hannity here so is there a law somewhere that says that you need to see your retirement account go up and up and up only to see them go down and down again now suppose the markets go way down right when you are ready to retire or worse they go down after you've already retired like what happened back in two thousand and eight what happens then you need to go back to work how would you like a retirement plan that goes up when the market goes up and gives you the most of the market gains with absolutely none of the losses yeah you heard me right you can get the most of the market gains without any of the losses okay that sounds pretty good right maybe this is the guy for you he's my friend rod borough we Raj been helping middle class Americans like you.

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