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A dental lab making tea for many years, very small little tools and stuff and I've always kind of drawn or painted and I've always made things worse and this is actually I think the 4th table hockey game I built the other ones for not anywhere near as elaborate, but this is the big one. So you must have loved that game as a kid table hockey game. I'd love to block. Yeah. I love old toys, especially old mechanical toys that work, you know ten stuff, you know, just things they don't make anymore right always been a huge fan of that stuff. So I collect table hockey games off. A whole mess of them. I'm story as well. That's that's awesome. So then table hockey generally is just a passion is and we're just lucky enough. You're also a Bruins fan. So he thought just thought I'd bring it all together. Oh awesome trailer me ask you where did the base start in this project at the old Boston Garden? Did it start from an original game or did you build the slide and the whole table itself? The whole thing? The only thing I didn't build is the actual players on the ice. I've made the guys on the benches bucks players on the ice are actually from a game that was made in the late 70s early 80s by coleco. It's called a clinical game room and there are three D. And I really like the super detailed they got different position and she's over the last like twenty five years or so whenever I see them I buy them, you know, they're pretty rare. But you know, if I'm at antiques mall or something and I see a stock to grab them all so I've got about wage. Twenty-three teams, I think just waiting to be painted. Wow, that's amazing. What other stadiums did you do? This is the only complete Stadium I've done I did while I was been working on this a had a couple of other guys asked me if I would just build, you know sections of seats. So I did I did find those. I think the two other Boston Garden was just the large sections maybe like 36 inches long and I think it was about five sections of seats three rows and then I did a but.

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