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Economic growth report. This is Fox News. Newsradio KLBJ on John Kelly. This news a service of apple imports addressing crime around Austin's downtown homeless shelter continues to be a struggle. The rise of Austin's homeless populations. Also seen a rise in crime around the origin downtown in two thousand seventeen police did increase patrols and that did help the arch, but it also led to an uptick in crime. Elsewhere, Cody Cowan with the Red River merchants association says that typical bad actors spread out in a radius of about four blocks. Are hope being pragmatic is to take them out of the highest traffic volume areas for Jerusalem and Austin and the downtown Austin Lyons has said homelessness is driving away. Tourism almost advocates say the only solution here is permanent housing, Patrick Osborne. Newsradio KLBJ overburdensome regulations is one of the things the home builder's association of greater Austin says can be address to help fix the areas affordability crisis. As David Glenn says, he's been working with the city of Boston as it towards with a new proposed fire code. We took in Renan analysis on to see how much it would actually cost to build a home to the specs that the code. Outlined. So the cost ultimately was eighty thousand dollars to the price of every new home construction costs if they were in a certain area of town Glenn says he worked with the fire department found ways to reduce that construction costs about three or four thousand dollars more per home. Instead and your Senator John Cornyn of Texas has been appointed to chair the Senate narcotics control caucus in a statement Cornyn says the country faces a drug epidemic fuelled by cartels of transnational gangs, who traffic drugs and human misery throughout the Americas. And this caucus will the on the front lines trying to find a solution to the crisis? Senator Dianne Feinstein of California has also been appointed to the group.

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