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My five favor by gaz yeah i'm sharing with you let's do this so my first be repaired guess that i love tuning into is called how i built this and this is basically a podcast about innovators entrepreneurs and idealists and the stories behind the movements that they've built each episode is this narrative journey marked by triumphs in failures serendipity an insight sound familiar anyone and it is told by the founders of some of the world's best known companies and biggest brands so you've ever built something from nothing something you really care about or you're just dreaming about doing it then you have to check out how we built this i love this show because i love a reverse engineering success stories and i love hearing about what happened behind the scenes and so this show is an awesome way to hear about what really goes into building a success story and oh my gosh i just get out over it my second favorite show is on online marketing made easy with amy porterfield we were so lucky to have any honor show in episode ninety to end this week i am so lucky to be on her show so i shameless plug go to in over there now amy it was a woman who got me into podcasting and i became a student of hers and i am lucky enough to call her friend we have on the phone do strategy talks and there are very few people in this life that understand what it is that we do and so when you can find each other you want to cling to each other and amy is no different she host some of the most tactical mini trainings through interviews and some of the most strategy based episodes where she breaks down the online marketing strategies that can leave you feeling like you are ready to take on the world i literally our show every week there is not an ounce of wasted energy that goes into it every single sentence every single thought is so so intentional and i love it learning from any not.

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