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Zaragoza had to invoke soumaa i just to get her in yeah he's assume i wrestler this guy he is one of the thirteen the thirteen rule cars and he is the only one who is willing to stick his neck out on the line on behalf of the nearest target aerien ensue my is this law in cars where you can put yourself on the line you can put your life on the line in order to to back up something that you truly believe in and if it turns out that it goes poorly then since your life is on the line it is safe to say that your life is lost so this guy has a lot that he's putting out there in endorsing the mother of dragons who won't even show her dragons to these people as much as this space king is is asking so sweetly yeah i only wish that giora coulda invoked soumaa i feel like that that would have been perfect to hear him say police or samoa at least two i say the word yet to like explain what soumaa is by that'd be great so danny is headed in two cars josh anything else you wanna touch on arc of course rob stark on the battlefield and on the battlefield end poor ira whatever this guy's name is this there are these two lancaster soldiers who are talking about like everybody who they would like would you rather in terms of combat way would you rather fight the mountain or jamie lancaster would you rather fight jamie lancaster loris tiro they did not get to rob stark in their discussion but they both lost rightwingers rob saarc showed up yet gray wind eviscerates this rennick guy who who is seen in the daylight just a vis rated on the ground in pretty normally what happened to this dude yes and rob stark surveys of the battlefield after the.

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