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And so it's like they're just there was kind of a little bit of a disconnect there, and I would have liked to seen more story. But again time they just didn't have it like if this had been a season three we would have gotten that. Which you know, if you wanted to seize three by all means go for it, dude. We're not post. So so they're all in this church together. They're praying and GM makes it a point to say that she found a religious elm limb of Saint Christopher who is the patron Saint of travelers in. So she's praying to Saint Christopher and who shows up but agent Christopher the mothership, Khanna Mason and Emma in hangups was crying. Yet. Connor Connor came back with them Connors. Gotta drive, dude. I was there. No. He came back with agent. Christopher oca-. I don't remember seeing. That'll I swear he was there. He may not have been there. But I swear he was there either way. But so we have a happy reunion between everybody, you know. We're all excited to see each other. And then Emma tries to get away. And they're like, oh, no, you don't like three people guns 'cause they're like, no, no, you don't you? Stay right. Where you are you're done. And then she like she goes to Lucy's can help you get your sister back. I know, you know, it's like, I only did it 'cause your mother Mamie me. But you know, I I can undo it. I can fix it. We can get your sister back in loose. She's all you have to do is trust me now Lucy season willin- would've bought that crap Lucy season two is having none of it in his like. Yeah, she moved if she moved an inch shooter in the face. So proud, I'm so proud mums babies have no that very proud. So. So she's basically so she walks away in as she's walking away. Emma, get shot by the Chinese army. They're starting to descend upon them. And so everybody jumps on the mothership, and they all get out of there and get back to the lifeboat where they're all come back and everything is key Dory. Happy they've stopped. Rittenhouse? History is saved history is restored. Everything is good go and all this takes place over Christmas Eve and Christmas day. So we have a Christmas celebration with the team as a family agent, Christopher's ugly sweater giving gifts or having drinks..

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