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Dot com. L Asiya WLS FM HD two, Chicago, news and talk. A Cumulus station. It's been an afternoon of severe weather in the Chicago area. High winds strong storms quarter size hail reported south of Chicago heights. News is next but first the all important WLS Weather Channel forecast meteorologist, Mark tibido joins us live, Mark. What's the latest storms out of here? Now, they're over southern Lake Michigan going into northwest, Indiana. They're moving very quickly. The tornado watch has been dropped for the Chicago area. We still have a wind adviser for the area through ten pm this evening, what we're looking at in the wake of these thunderstorms. What we call these post frontal wins a cold front goes by and the low pressure is very stronger are west across Iowa ended the Kotas so the Windsor accelerating down across that low pressure. And we're going to see those gusty winds even on the storms are gone winds associated with low pressure still gonna maybe forty forty five miles an hour through the early evening hours. It's still not totally impossible with the upper low west of us. We could get an isolated shower storm redeveloping. But. The main threat of severe weather has moved out. Now, that's the watch has been dropped. But both hands on the wheel through the evening. Looking at gusty winds and the winds are going to be coming down out of the south west. So any kind of an east west interstate is going to have a nasty crosswind as we go through the evening with this tonight. I think the winds will gradually die down but still some gusts over thirty miles an hour with a couple of showers, and then just simply colder and quieter as we get through the rest of the week, but the threat of severe thunderstorms over still looking at some gusty winds, those we had through the evening, Kathy back to you. Thanks for the update Mark now fifty nine at O'Hare, sixty to admit way, sixty degrees at the lake this hour. Sponsored by.

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