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Which is a huge immer mean consider in the primary. You know, in August we had previously set a record for absentee balloting, and I believe it was, you know, somewhere in the 1.6 million range, so they're almost that many still yet to be returned in the state the time around, especially the time when more people than ever Like history making numbers have already cast their ballot have already turned in their ballots. Yeah, That's right. I mean, you know, if you consider I think most I mean country why, obviously not Michigan Country? What country wide, But I mean, that's almost the case in Michigan. Here, you know, experts are predicting about five million Absentee ballots will be cast this year. You know, Typically, you know those air at least mailed in ahead of the election and so to you know Million already returned is almost half the total turnout projection. Now that's just a projection. We don't know exactly how many people voting, but certainly we're seeing huge numbers. All right, and it again it goes toward what Teo Jocelyn Benson, our secretary of state says at this point, and I don't I'm not picking on the Postal Service. I love the Postal Service. They do. Ah, fabulous job under pretty tough conditions. Yeah, they they're expensive. They lose money. You can argue a lot of things about the postal Service to me is the guy who comes and brings my mail. It's not all the people behind the scenes that have and in the management. It's the guy who brings my mail. That man or woman who brings us our mail is our postal service. So I appreciate what they do. But beyond all that You should take it in. Rather than mail it from this point on and then. Meanwhile, your second article Jonathan hosting from Bridge It is about the way things are going in Michigan. How it appears that Biden is in the lead. I'm not big on poles because they've been wrong so much. And they generally instead of really oftentimes reflecting what's really going on, they reflect what the pollsters want to go on. But that aside Is this deja vu all over again In Michigan, Jonathan? Well, it's certainly looking to be fairly similar dynamics to 2016. Of course, As you mentioned, the Poles were seemingly wrong in 26 King Donald Trump, I think on the day of the election was trailing, you know about something like 4% points a week out. He was trailing by an average of about 7% points in Michigan, and he's right there again. He is trailing about eight. Now the different According to pollsters and political experts I've talked to this year are that a the race doesn't appear to be tightening in the way it was in 2016. So even though the Poles were ultimately not spot on, they did show the race was tightening. Which we haven't seen a lot of yet at this point in 2020 and be a lot of those bulls showed a pretty large number of undecided voters still like an epic and marry pull for the free press in 2016 there last fall had 13% of voters still undecided. That number is down into the single digits and pretty much every poll. That I've seen this year, so it seems there are less people that could break late in this race. But you know I'm with you. I don't want to make predictions based on polls, especially after what we saw in 2016. They are considered a snapshot in time on not necessarily a predictor of outcomes. And there's such an overwhelming push by the extremely powerful institutional mainstream. Call them what you will media to put Biden in that position, and therefore, Harris It's astonishing. I've never seen anything like it. And you write Jonathan hosting that the president is running out of time. And the only thing that could potentially happen as if Joe Biden had a major major screw up. Well, he already has. He's completely lied to us about Hunter, Biden and the Biden family's business dealings. Acting like he's never discussed him with his son, which I knew was alive a minute, he said. It or he's not a good father and we've all been led to believe he's a very good father is played off of that a lot all of his career, But the point is Here's a guy Tony Baba Lynskey, who was featured all of Tucker Carlson last night on an interview. Very believable guy who is in that family business or was in that family business, sat down at lunch and dinners with Joe Biden. And, frankly, as I heard the story, it just lined up beautifully with the story I told months ago and continue to tell About the Bidens. It was Joe Jim and Hunter who tried to do a deal of realestate in Philly through a broker that I know And trust, and they wanted to basically launder $200,000, or cheat on taxes, $200,000 or lower the value of the homes in the neighborhood by 200,000 bike. Saying they wanted to buy the house for 800,000. That's a figure I'm just using, but they would want it to go on paper as 600,000, and they'd give 200,000 cash under the table. So this was a long time ago, and.

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