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Is next but first the WLS weather channel forecast we do see some more numbers just around the corner for early may but the low pressure kind of stubborn to leave us here for tonight and early tomorrow with rain continuing their flood alerts up forty two degrees our low tonight and some places to our north had inches of rain today morning light rains Thursday forty eight and then sunshine Friday fifty four from the weather channel meteorologist Scott Lori Moore WLS AM eight ninety with another update thirty min forty six degrees at the lake front right now fifty officially at o'hare if you love nature valley sweet and salty fires you'll love the new sweet and salty minis it's all of the intelligence savory goodness you know now in a smaller size and add one hundred calories snacking is never been so sweet Illinois reaching a record for the number of people are coming down with a corona virus in one day two thousand two hundred fifty three new virus cases a five percent increase from yesterday the total number of people who have corona virus in Illinois according to the official record fifty thousand three hundred fifty five an additional ninety deaths the disease has killed two thousand two hundred fifteen people in Illinois but again the state is again testing over fourteen thousand people in one day governor Pritzker reacting to the latest Republican lawsuit against him to try to overturn the stay at home order this one was fine was filed in Winnebago county.

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