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A note couple notes. Yeah several notes have got actually let me have a little clip to play and that will get US started storm. Tom System has brought valuable. Rain drought affected parts of Australia's aced. But it's also caused flash flooding on major roads. A cleanup is now underway in many areas areas. As the heavy rain moves onto the north south. Wales we'd North. 'cause it's hard not to smile seeing the happiness on this farmers face heavy rain drenching drought stricken parts of the countries. East also helping to dampen FIS zones since the downpours being celebrated our regional centers. But it's created some chaos in the cities in southeast Queensland severe storms triggered widespread flash flooding three hundred thirty millimeters of rain has been recorded loaded. Craig on the Gold Coast has responded to more than one hundred calls for assistance the Dell tell us so great it closed not only the Pacific motorway for six hours but also theme Parks Western Wild and movie world shop for the day as the water levels. Rose You keep his using brooms to try to keep alligators in their enclosures and waiting through the water to rescue Koalas. Although one hundred millimeters of Ryan has been recorded at Benaroya right in the northern table lands and for the first time in five years. Water flowed through a creek in drought-stricken regional town once again Australia. You're welcome well. I got a note from a friend..

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