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With all that out of the dive into this week's top. Five number one leading off this week amazon is making some big moves with donald glover and phoebe waller bridge. These streams has gone straight to series. On a reboot of the brad pitt and angelina jolie feature mr and mrs smith created by and starring the atlanta and fleabag emmy winners. That's not although tell us more about what this busy week for. Mr donald glover entailed leslie while we broke news. I broke news. This week that donald glover is leaving his overall deal at effects and disney instead for signing a sprawling deal with amazon he will get what sources describe as a content channel at amazon and has already developing another show beyond mr and mrs smith. This one called hive and about a beyond see like figure. And i'm told one of the interesting members of the writing. Staff is malia obama so very new tv writer malia obama so the bigger piece here obviously. That's that's great news that he's got multiple shows and one that sounds interesting with a very talented or aspiring writer attached as part of the writing staff. The bigger piece of this. That's interesting to me is. This is a content channel for amazon prime video where that is would be something. That's new and i should say amazon has declined comment on all of this so there's a lot that we're waiting to see here. So what is a key. Content channel at amazon. No one knows to start. But what i'm told is that it will be that you can think of it. In in terms of a curated channel. So if you go into disney plus and uc marvel and you see pixar easy national geographic and lucasfilm. Those are the key brands. those are their channels right. Think of fx on hulu channel. Same idea here. But this would be a content channel that is not just going to have shows and content made by donald glover but probably curation and content that is picked by glover support. That and the other piece of this. That's interesting is in the streaming era. Everything is driven by the logarithms. Right you know. Oh if you watch this you'll like this or here's this is going to auto play because you've just finished something similar and a lot of content creators or show runners as we like to call them. They feel unhappy that their shows don't get enough marketing and promotion. So how do you cut through if you have a tiny show. That's quiet that doesn't have a big star and you're not a showrunner named ryan murphy or shonda. Rhimes right that it's hard to cut through. It's hard to to to become stranger things. That was a word of mouth. hit that. Put the defer brothers on the map. Now you can put safe from the creators of stranger things of the executive producers beyond stranger things and you can instantly cut through so doing a content channel like this. it could be precedent-setting for amazon and could also be a new way for creators to bargain as part of these deals. Like you know you. What know there's there was stiff competition for donald glover's wounded amazon. Get him but netflix. And some of these other streamers and studios didn't maybe the content channel with them over the over the top on this so it's a very interesting thing to continue to watch and wait for amazon to confirm to see what that actually looks like. I think probably the kids are going to be curious if there's a negative side effect here on season three and four of atlanta on fx. Should anyone be worried. I am told that don lover has a carve out so what that means is he can continue to work on atlanta as an aside from the deal like it doesn't affect so some of these deals there say no it's an exclusive. I don't want you touching this. i don't want you involved. I don't want you spending your time doing x. Y. and z. Right benny evan. Weiss were allegedly allegedly had a carve out to do star wars before they left. I'm guessing netflix. Knew that they were gonna leave when they signed to them for two hundred and fifty million so amazon's for eight figures which seems like a bargain when you're hearing of all these nine figure deals for for the likes of taylor. Sheridan who signed a new one with with viacom. Cbs but he does have a carve out so seasons. Three and four. I'm told we're going to begin shooting in march and they will back to back which affects announced pre covid so the goal is to get that show back on the air as soon as possible. It's been off for what two years three years now. So yeah they wanna get the atlanta back so that we know it's been renewed for season three we know it's been renewed for season four beyond that it's still a big question mark and i think that's ultimately going to be up to what donald clever wants to do but at the same time if you looked at donald glover's in story when when he announced mr and mrs smith he did say that show's coming to amazon and twenty twenty two so either he's gonna do atlanta back to back and then mr and mrs smith and try and fast track the ladder so lots of to break down from this deal. Yeah this is. This is a man who does many things in general but does tend to concentrate on the things. He's doing individually. He doesn't tend to do seventeen things at once. He tends to be okay now. It's childish gambino season now. It's atlanta season. Now it's whatever so he's not a greg berlanti where he would be doing thirty five shows at once that is not what his mo is. Berlanti doesn't right thirty five of us. Now there's watch that. I would watch the show about greg. Berlanti writing and starring at thirty five. Tv shows maybe a little bit a little bit. Like episodes only starring. Greg berlanti also doesn't seem necessary but who knows 'cause kenya barris is after all a tv star so you ever watch the greg berlanti docu series to see how he how he does it all how. He manages the writing staffer for around twenty shows. I digress so yeah lots going on for donald glover. Lots going on amazon. And we should note though that mr and mrs smith has been in the works at least since december so that. That's been a deal that that has been some time coming. I'm all for it. I don't know it's a movie that necessarily needed remaking because whatever on the other and if you tell that donald glover and phoebe waller bridge want to work together on something i say okay. I will watch that thing. They wanna work on right. They could be reading the phone book and everyone would watch so it really doesn't.

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