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Voting on the bill for the police accountability board Who gets to make a complaint about possible police misconduct that's one of the questions the Montgomery county council members were discussing as they prepared to vote on the bill forming the police accountability board Council member will jawando favors expanding the types of complaints that could go before the board We want our police officers if they see something to say something Police chief Marcus Jones was asked about the status of police recruitment and the potential impact of the legislation People have options when we talk about recruitment to go to whatever police agency they so choose The issue will likely come up again April 19th Kate Ryan WTO P news Virginia's election registration and data system will be shut down for four days a week over the next month and a half The governor's office says the old and aging network is long overdue for some tweaks The Washington Post reports it'll go offline on Friday through Monday to bring it up to date with the Commonwealth's new congressional districts shut down could interrupt some activities like updating voter rolls but it should not cause any lasting problems If you own a car SUV or truck you could be getting some tax relief Virginia is the only state around here that charges an annual property tax on the value of vehicles and that tax rate is set by the locality you live in You'd expect those taxes to go down each year as the car gets older but not this year with high demand and low supply Last month governor youngkin signed a law that lets each locality charge only a portion loudon county was the first it will tax only 80% of a car or truck's fair market value The lower figure should show up on car tax bills Fairfax county and Alexandria are looking at similar relief A southwest Virginia woman is lucky she realized a potentially big mistake before trash day When Mary Elliott realized the winning numbers for the cash 5 with easy match games she'd played were the important birth dates she'd chosen to play Well she ran for the trash can for the ticket she'd been thrown away She found the winning ticket There were some coffee stains that prevented the barcode though from being read when she tried to verify her ticket Fortunately lottery officials were able to confirm her $110,000 win Lottery says the odds of matching all 5 numbers to win the jackpot and cash 5 with easy match nearly one in 750,000 Intriguing news about Tiger Woods next to 13 American military university presents she also served true stories from women veterans changing the world 1° at a time Kim byers was in the army for 30 years and received her bachelor's and master's degrees in Homeland Security from AMU she says before her service I was the skinny scrawny person and I didn't speak much I was very shy not open about my opinion But the military changed her and helped her come out of her shell I think for me it gave me a sense of confidence strong confidence Especially because she was able to overcome challenges that went along with being a female service member Me and a woman in the military takes a lot of tough skin You have to toughen up when you're in the military because there's a lot of people that want to see you fail When you know there's people opposing what you're doing you have to just work through them So in that aspect I would say that is the.

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