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A different he say on the show and all that but i'm rooting for them not least because you know there for the aid to two econet and of course he can is run and founded and run by you big brother strivers you ephraim zimbabwe i mean there's something to that like you say but is delivering on what you need and want out of april kosta out of an entertainment take play and let us know deers tv verses tears tv what do you think niger give us a shot on twitter african round up or drop us an email or voice not via hello at african take round up the com to some important that launched in south africa up rise dot africa they're the new south african equity crowdfunding platform that we we spoke about on the show some months ago they've since managed to get all the regulatory clearance they need to to actually lawrence their service now oh essentially what they're doing is bringing to market prevetted startups that we as the public or investment community can now invest in directly so what they ought to do is basically democratize investments in startups so since they launched a few days ago are we you know we're on the site as we speak our yard we see a business coldstore read another one called job find a global storied is looking for three million rand that's the goal and job vine is looking for 3 million yes so basically they've they've opens they've opened their portal apt to startups that might that might want to raise funds in this way through crowdfunding i actually registed earlier at to see how that works you know you log in and they invite you to sort of upload your pitch there can you business plan and in and say what you're looking for its it joined in.

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