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First took place, George was on the scene. Sees employees came up and told all to get out. We didn't hear any shooting. All we did was except the store is quickly as we could. And there were police already there When we got outside. Cheryl was there halfway there and finally, like a security guard, he said. You got it is actually angle. Why he should just get out and I won't. My husband turned up first. I said Don't worry, Will she'll get out? Just going? I'm going. Oh, my God. Jamie heard shots fired my head about 45 going off and I just walked in, and I turned around. And try to go more people were running out, so it's kind of crazy. Jamie said. She saw several people loaded on gurneys being taken to the hospital. Gail was there walking in And about six kids were coming out running towards me and they shouted at me, Get in your car and drive away. There's multiple shots, multiple people shooting in there and Then I saw other people running out of the mall. Very scared looking. And as of now, still the number of squads, several dozens of squads there from several different agencies. The FBI Is there A T F. Is there the sheriff's office is there the D A. John Chisum is on scene as well as they continue to search for this active shooter. So we're hearing Eric, now from people who remain inside the mall and inside some of those stores, one of them hitting the echidna. Morgan's talking text line, saying the Wauwatosa Police department will escort us out of the store when it's our stores turned to leave..

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