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Up ray. Khan is offering fifteen percent off all of their products for my listeners. And here's what you gotta do to get it. Go to buy recon dot com slash smoking. There you will get your fifteen percent off the entire ray kon order in. It's such a good deal. You'll wanna buy a pair and despair. Fifteen percent off at by ray recon dot com slash smoking. That's by ray con dot com slash smoking. We are also brought to you by my favorite the most delicious the scrumptious the stickiest of the exorcist tradecraft farms. Whether it's cbd you're looking for or whether you just want to go for the full bore high-powered brute force t h and see tradecraft farms. Has you covered. If you're in one of these civilized places where these things are perfectly legal then ask for it in your dispensary or visit one of their retail locations throughout the california area. If you are not somewhere where it is so civilized that you can walk into a store and purchase these items on credit card. Give them a follow on instagram. They got a fun little fun. Little instagram going. Great up close shots of beautiful. Sticky icky you filming. They got the solid gold joints. They got the rose pedal thing i mean. It's all it's all down there. They're doing weird funky science and the ganges manaka's coming out soon too. It's ridiculous trade farms is the official cannabis provider of the smoking tire..

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