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Ownership might not matter because they just not that good but it would is fire. The locker room right. Chris would hurt that and your player. You would be like. That's what i'm talking about my coach. Yes he's not gonna walk back down. He's not gonna do a nick sabin on us after a year or so and and run back to college right right now i feel you. But here's the thing rob and of course you know i don't know what urban meyer thinking maybe thinking what you said. But he didn't say it. But the reason i mar speculation is that one reason. He didn't say that route is because he doesn't feel that what i'm sure a look. I'm not trying to say that. After one game in a few months of practice and so on and so forth that urban meyer is looking out the front door. That every myers looking for a way of escape that he's plotting his exit. I'm not saying all that. But i am saying this. He's not used to losing i. This guy's one eighty seven thirty two in college. He's won three national championships. He's won you know he's a legendary college one everywhere. He's been chris just record everywhere they could go to and fifteen. They could go one in sixteen three and fourteen. I guess it's possible. Oh and seventeen but do bottom line is they're going to lose a lot of games and game one. They got a long way to go. Roster lay like we said. Tim depot almost made the team. Right you thought it was a stunt. No they needed him up all right. But anyway i and i'm not even blaming urban rob. I can't imagine being a guy whether nick sabin urban meyer. One of these college coaches who can go into a kids living room get the best players in the country. You know the kids have to listen to you because you hold their scholarship in the palm of your hands. You control the coaching staff. The boosters your the highest play pay person in the state so you got all the juice with the president president of the university and the dishes in the state. You run things and you win every year. You're in the national championship discussion. You might lose one game to the most to go through the nfl. Be sure to catch live editions of the odd with chris. Broussard and rob parker weekdays at seven. Pm eastern four pm pacific on fox sports radio and the iheartradio app. He's by karma. I'm dan fire. We have a friend new fantasy football. Podcast called. I want your flex twice a week. Every tuesday and friday we come up with new episodes about only look back at..

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