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We could really do that around the house fix that she was like. I'm buying a car after this. What does for you to be in. Though where you're like fungal like passion not really interested in buying one. But i would like to be made into a very few people who can say i'd like to be in action figure. Yeah and it works out for him. Well the way that it works is that We had originally reached out to them a few years back and said hey you know i got someone. Someone numbers on social media. I've been in show business for so long. Because they picked their topics whether it's television or movies or just a certain types of sports legends and stuff like that so they have their categories. But they didn't have a comics category. So i said. I'm a comedian. And i think you guys should have a comedians category. And they're like okay they of entertain the conversation for a little bit but then they came back and they said we just don't feel that your brand with what we're doing him and i was one of those you know it's not you it's me kind of thing and reach out a few years later. See we'll see if things are different and sure enough we did. I had the right person. Make a phone call and they entertain the idea. But i think they were trying to brush off because they said look we won't license. Gabriel iglesias funchal but we will produce one four years so basically you would pay us. We'd make the figure and then you could sell it on your own. And i'm like well. That actually sounds cool. Sounds better to me. Almost gave me a really steep number of uncles. I had to order. I think thinking that this is gonna get rid of them once and for all and next thing. i know. I've got a semi truck in front of the that may. Oh yeah and they all sold so we call them back and we said hey. Can we get some more in there like really and now..

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