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Yeah and i'm going drew brees on offense right uh i'll go i'll i'll go cam newton and off i said i i thought he was i thought he was sharp in this game i thought if kaelin clay holds onto and and let me say he was relatively jerry i i wouldn't the i didn't think i was looking at a tom brady out there but if kaelin klay hold onto that touch on in the first half we might be talking about a different game at this point and if y'all maybe if mike adams bat's down that ball the end they have enough to to punch it in oh how architects the player as it did hold onto the touchdowns and what about like michael thomas or ted gin michael thompson catch touchdown while by mark epsom cynthia run at the guy that aidid that nenets goods now i'm giving it under the cam all right we'll go especially especially coming armed of leap falcons loss in week seventeen you wondered if he was counting going to be a meltdown and like we said the weapons are not very good he doesn't have a huge margin for error i thought he made a couple of nice throws did at eighty s maybe swung this game but yeah defensive play the week a yacht anti although collaose q longinus i'm going to split in its yang come up with someone i'm going i'm taking collaose campbell and i'm taking kim jordan off the board dominating defensive hybrid movable defensive linemen jordan plays both edges campbell plays all across the front they both penetrated inside and outside all gamelong and you could argue certainly a jordan's side i think you could argue that the hit their teams don't win without the plays they made kim george was a huge difference maker he's the reason your boy cam newton didn't put the panthers over the top in this one and that's not a shot at needed.

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