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Fixed. They say, hey, we've got to do this and you need to go see a dentist and get this work done. They have a drug that blocks, the main toxins, and the published research that shows it might stop and even reverse Alzheimer's while is that amazing. Wow. That is phenomenal. True. If it turns out to be true, don't read anything. In other words, he's doing it. Couldn't let me just read that one more time cook, a stop and even reverse Alzheimer's disease. Is it worked once of a spirit? If you've got a loved one. I keep an eye on this, no kidding ginger Vitus thing and keep looking for that particular antidote on behalf of the American dental association dental work. Critical. Yeah. Because you know, those bacteria can go right to your brain. Obviously, we've been hearing that for a while that, you know, the diseases in your mouth can sometimes wind up in your brain. And maybe that's look I I've kind of this appointed now because I've been on been on a regiment of seeing the dentist for the past year or so just getting a lot of stuff done. I was supposed to have other things scheduled already according to my Dennis now since my what I like to call my heart event. I can't see the to me for like, six months. Really why? Because I guess the with all the the blood thinners that you're on. Oh, if I if I myself, I die. Yeah. It's over you're done. There's any kind of slice. He paper and get a bleed -squitoes lights me your book jars skied on nothing. We can do lying around nothing. We can do. So. I'm glad we laugh about that. It wasn't that funny. It's over. All right coming up in a few minutes. We are going to launch into our Super Bowl of more on trivia. To be a great weekend. Rams patriots nip Tony Romo and Jim Nance. Call on the game. That'll be fun going to be really fun. It'll be fun. So more on tribute coming up next. Gray is on leased..

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