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To chris montross the war photographer who saw conflict up close hovering moore's from liberia to libya where he ended up losing his life in twenty eleven childhood friend and fellow journalist greg campbell director of the new documentary on chris humphries available online now joined us last week we're bringing you part two of our interview greg reflected on his friends passion for photo journalism and his legacy after covering nearly every major global conflicts the one of the little girl in afghanistan whose parents have just been killed that is one that people just point to as as you know he was there with the troops and he's just a few feet away from her i think what a lot of people overlook about that photograph is that it required a lot of preparation to get into that spot to be able to have the the wherewithal and the presence of mind to take that photograph chris as we pointed out in the film went to iraq time and time again because he felt like it was so important that somebody be there to witness what our government our military was doing an our name as american citizens and you know going out on that patrol that night was elected he didn't have to do it and it was a highly contested city there was a lot of hostility going on and to be able to switch gears from thinking that that car that got fired upon with this family and it tragically was going to explode and he was going to be perhaps photographing a tragedy of a different type he then switched gears to be able to photograph very intimately and this other tragedy that had occurred and do it with such a presence of mind at i think a lot of people overlook the skill and the and the all the work that it took to be not only in that spot in the first place but also to have the technical wherewithal to pull it off now there are a lot of conflict zones around the world but he chose the places like libya and iraq and and liberia why those particular places.

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