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Could but they can't they don't got it so we'll see how the Senate trial manifest but suffice it to say that Republicans have some bridge they can wield here are you coming up we'll be joined by Alan Dershowitz he's gonna stop by to discuss his new book plus we'll ask him about impeachment and everything else from related it was an intervention taking a look at KSFO traffic sponsored by indeed dot com that tree trimming workers wrapped up eastbound twenty four between Pleasant Hill road and six eighty traffic is still pretty delayed because of a crash now at Oak Hill road money spent twenty fourth over to the right hand shoulder but you're gonna be pumping the brakes for around highway thirteen through the calico tunnel to where that crash is in Antioch west on highway four laurel wrote a two vehicle crash it over to the left and right hand side as a hiring manager you need to quickly find the best candidates for your open positions tools from indeed like skills test will help candidates really show you what they can do to save so much time you can take the scenic route home post your next job at indeed dot com slash higher today with KSFO traffic I'm Ted Thomas hi it's Jamie progresses employee of the month to month in a row leave a message at the hi Jamie hit me Jamie I just had a new idea for our song with the name your price tool.

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