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Thing that they suck you in to the child likes i was at the park with my son destroying the football running patterns with him i wouldn't be at that park that time doing anything else's can't i wouldn't be their loan wouldn't be there with a buddy of mine kid interests me for sure that part is what excites me yeah well that part if you if you embrace that part and you set up a as sunday night is cooking party night every night you know at the house or we're going out for breakfast on sunday morning or we're going to go in the pool party like if you get into that stuff it kind of it will pull you into that world and it's pretty gratifying pretty happy world also selfishly for us i'd like to live a world with more maria benito's isn't it i think we'd all be better off with with your spot looking for a trophy wife twenty years that'd be some pretty good stock kevin slouch either let's it's not sleep on kevin all right let's see madison capitol theatre coming up next friday pro six one man show santa ana east sports arena that's us doing a live podcast that's april twenty first cleveland agora theatre may seventeenth one man show detroit royal theatre mateen's one mentioned then portland we're filming a special man that's at the land of ninth seattle more theater we love that place that'll be four we go on the cruise or screw it i may just get a tumor and just.

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