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That whole red carpet thing. Well, I thought so many times. But yeah, it's like, and then also like I'm very interested in the net flicks situation with movies, and like how that I mean, I guess the bird box people really were into the everyone. I'm not gonna watch it. I'm sorry. I'm not gonna watch it. It's still happening. I have a hard time with children in distress movies. Can't do it. It's tough. Yeah. I can barely read people MAG dot com. You're not joking. So how old you were in high school? Br one of those high school kids, though, this all this. And it's just like oh my God. I wanna be. Yeah. To me. I just like I remember seeing this movie when I was. Yeah. I was probably sixteen years old of ninety five. So yeah. Kind of middle high school middle high school my boyfriend and best friend worked at the Harkins theater. That was like the art house theater in Arizona and Scottsdale. And so we would like go see all the movies for free all the art house movies through Kenneth Branagh. Hamlet around that time. Anyone else? It was like five hours. Did you say you enjoyed it? Or you sat through it. I. We did hamlet in my high school later re unit. Yeah, it was the Queen. Oh nice. Of course. Definitely not a feely. Good. So Queen Gertrude. So so yeah. So I remember seeing this movie and just feeling like it was like, the smartest best funniest shed. I had ever seen and that was the kind of sensibility that I had and like what my truest expression of myself, if I could like put myself in any movie or right any movie, it would be that movie. I like just loved it. And then they just got it on tape. I got on the and I would just watch it over and over and over again. And then I got Mr. jealousy was his first movie like that was film or Chelsea Athens. Right after this. Yeah. I got Mr. jealousy. And I got maybe it was this one was it was called high ball. Do you know the story? I read up about that. No. What is the I had that on too? So I would watch high ball mister jealousy and kicking and screaming at you. Like, I feel like it was like. Like, he's disowned it. Yeah. I don't what is that. Well, the deal student film. No, he shot, Mr. jealousy. Noah baumbach wrote and directed Mr. jealousy. Fucking great. That movie's really haven't seen it why. It's. I know. Oh, you should see the only one. I haven't seen it. Eric Stoltz Annabella skewer who I love, right? Yeah. Sorry. I thought you were correcting me like I was wrong. Yeah. And it's really and Carlos Jake hot, of course. Right. Who is in this as well. Yeah. But so, yeah, he makes Mr. jealousy. And then apparently had like a little money, and some film leftover does high ball in like ten days or something in an apartment, and like couldn't finish it the way he wanted to. And so he abandoned the project took his name off of it. It doesn't say written and directed by Noah baumbach, he made up two different names for writer director and disowned it, and he said that they released it without his permission on whatever DVD or I had it on the. Yeah. So still haven't seen that one. Because he's just like, Nope. Not my movie it's like a little bit like the anniversary party like not as good as the aniversary party. Yeah. It's like it's like that thing. It's like takes place at a party like all in one night type deal. He had some leftover film. He had some leftover foul. Yeah. I love the university party. So great. Waiting for someone to pick that one? So cute. I wish I would have. Oh, that's right. You can do this again. The character names. Just kill me. Grover Otis Skippy. Like, what was he doing when he was naming these characters Miami? Oh, Miami who I still adore her..

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