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So go to FOX nation dot com today and sign up now for FOX nation opinion done right now Chris Wallace on Fox News channel the question for me. As always what's gonna happen. If people sense that you're not pushing an agenda. You're not pulling your punches. They're gonna rely on you. It's a commitment to the truth. One of the advantages of having been in this business a lawn. You're able to the tap. What is real what is important and what's Johnson noise? Chris Wallace on Fox News channel real news. Real. Honest opinion, not the best time to be a democrat in the state of Virginia with two state officials facing scandals for wearing black face and another facing to sexual assault allegations. Governor Ralph Northam refusing to resign over a photograph of a man wearing black face and another in a clan costume on his med school yearbook page. The governor initially apologize for that. Then said he was neither man in that photograph and he admitted he did dark and his skin to dress as Michael Jackson for a dance. Contest today. The governor attended a funeral for a state trooper killed in a shootout he says he hopes to make racial reconciliation a major focus of his political agenda going forward Virginia attorney general more caring also admitted to wearing black face in college Virginia's Democratic Party calling for Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax to resign after a second woman accused him of sexual assault. Now the. Titians once proud alma mater is trying to distance itself Duke University tells me that they have asked Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax to step down from the board of visitors at Duke Sanford school of public policy this after a woman came forward claiming the now Lieutenant governor raped her in two thousand at Duke University when they were both students. Fox's Ellison barber. This is a good deal for performers on Broadway..

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