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A 32yearold white woman was fatally shot while walking with her father along san francisco's waterfront within hours police arrested a mexican national in connection with her slaying who he is changed the case from a local murder into a national controversy 32yearold mistakenly was murdered walking with her father in san francisco guy by the way has a twenty five year history of felony by a criminal alien who had been deported five t more kate styling be alive today had the city sanctuary policy not been in place san francisco was no sanctuary for kate no sanctuary for that beautiful thirty two year old woman with a murder trial about to begin kqed's marisa lagos and alex emslie unpack the facts and falsehoods surrounding the slaying of catherine stein leap in the debate eight it ignited for the judge attorneys and jurors the trial that is about to take place in courtly 13 at san francisco hall of justice is straightforward district attorney spokesman max szabo says it's a simple murder case visas for us or whether he pulled the sugar and if he did if he does so with implied calls defense attorney mac and zaal as says stein lee shooting was an accident but the charges are political if he was not a mix of the immigrant with prior filling convictions he would not be charged with his crime whether stein lease death was the result of a freak accident or a vicious disregard for human life that's what the cases about but across the nation a different argument is playing out whether stylings death had less to do with a stolen guns being fired in a public place and more to do with the immigration status of the man accused of killing her president donald trump has repeatedly invoked the case case finally gunned down in the sanctuary city of san francisco by an illegal immigrant deported five previous times it wasn't just trump stylist murder played into a narrative of evil emigrants shielded by liberals sanctuary cities like san francisco to understand the case and its broader implications you have.

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