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He now has two thousand seven career strikeouts following his twelve th strikeout performance in boston seven the six extra innings victory in cleveland also in that game red sock infield there rafael devers became the first player in the modern era to record six hits four doubles the hecuba night and finally in may these supermassive black hole at the core of the milky way became seventy five more times brighter in two hours and no one knows what all right very good. There's mysteries stories out there. Dan thank you get a grasp on some of this stuff. I mean listen. There's a meteoric coming to the earth. That is the size of a football field and it's expected the get here in the fall. Knock on wood. If you agree on the media or the size of a football field is headed towards earth and if it hits if i don't want to alarm people but if it hits and there's a chance it's coming this fall football field okay meteoric. You don't wanna learn people with that. I'm just i want. I want people to prepare. How do you prepare for that. I don't know he doesn't care if you mm prepare dad's right. We get what the valued. I have preparations though i did. I built a safer. You guys are welcome to come over the n._f._l. One believes the witching hour burglars nowhere out of the house at summer but with those new blake x._t..

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