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So this one was kind of a weird one for me because I'm like Joe, Terry crews. Forgiving, dude, or feeling like this isn't as bad as other people feel it is that's his Virago. We're not a monolithic. We don't get the legislature for forgiveness. I would only really been mad at him. If he would've said and black people y'all need to do to y'all need to forgive him. 'cause that's his own personal faith. He can forgive people where he may have given the person that saw him forgiving. I know he forgave Hughley. Like that his I know that's the Mike Christian stuff for him and a bunch of other shit. And I don't think you get to cherry pick. The what makes people do things, they do, you know? I don't get to say like the Terry crews needs to be a good, man. But I don't want him to be a Christian like the part of the reason he's may have reformed himself is around his faith in God. I don't know. So anyway, audit say who's gonna forgive Terry crews and deal Hughley forgiving, Liam Neeson's forgiving himself. Okay. Someone step up to the plate. And do it. That's a lot. And you know, what I was even funnier. You know, who were tool to main people? Leading the charge on we can't be forgiven. Liam these what's wrong with Terry crews who while and Joe button. Ding. Just cancel what the fuck is happening. It's like the eighties removes of sitcoms having on Twitter. It's like this nigga is cancelled. I'm throwing him okay coup. But let me retweets automakers he said leonie's need to go to hail. And I agree. Like, what what you say it? What happened? I don't take. No. Oh my God. It'll drive you crazy. It'll drive you crazy. We'll get checkout. Sometimes anyway, man, good luck to everybody who won't forgive him. We'll forgive him or whatever the fuck. I personally can't lie. Does this thing about this forgive or not forgive this shit? That really makes it is such an illusion of power to me. I don't know this man. Mark forgiveness holds no value over his life. So me saying fucking forever or being like, welcome to the cookout. Nothing. It means nothing, and I don't wanna live in the delusion that that should even matter right or that I speak for more than myself. I speak for me me personally this ship bucked with me. Now, you know, I'll talk I think it was bombed Twitter for her daughter. And he was like I don't feel that fuck with. And I'll say, you know, what valley what I'm gonna tell you you got to now that was valid point. I'm not going to mean you or call you out your name not going to be like you less black to me. Now, you this didn't bother you in the way that it bothered me. And that should I should have some respect for that the way that I would like to have paying me. Right. And and at the end of the day, that's all people want for their opinions. Yeah. So I mean for me, I just is is really been the fence of it and whole I I did rounded it's like that black people can't even have we can't even have Phillies for a little bit. Like, you're gonna get mad. No matter how we feel like just the fact that we have. Been. Meanwhile, none of us calls this. None of us actors say this shit. Nobody asked him to go around talking about he was gonna kill black people. None of this shit nother is and yet somehow we always end up under the microscope of how did you react everybody talks about the pressure to be forgiving? Right. Like, oh when white people do some fucking, they always wanna see a nigga forgive. And I'm like you right, which you know, what else pressure. Now this president not forgive. Correct. That's pressure to now. Nobody can forgive. My fuck you, you don't know me. You don't get to decide for me. I get to decide on every individual case. 'cause only up to me. Anyway, right. Jim is not global fucking thing. Elegant you out on the show and make people forgive you, Robin Roberts can't interview and make people forgive you..

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