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16th Welcome to WT glad you're with us at four 18 in the morning Graphic and weather on the 8th and what it breaks first to reach hunter in the double dual P traffic center Heads up if you're coming in by on suit and Parkland headed over towards south capitol street toward the freeway inbound on south capitol street on the Frederick Douglas bridge once stopped in the right lane Metropolitan Police and D dot out with it and they're going to need a tow apparently some sort of engine malfunction so that vehicle is going to sit there until the tow truck arrives so be aware when the scene early delay inbound south capital street on the Douglas bridge as a result again stay left to get by Outbound the traveling are open Elsewhere headed into D.C. not too bad right now in 1995 north of D.C. two 95 south headed into town no worries inbound New York avenue leaving the anacostia toward the third street tunnel Over on prince George's county wrapping up a two vehicle crash northbound on Pennsylvania avenue and was fully eroded at last check from blisters still getting by single thoughts left waiting on tow trucks there as well Now if you're traveling to or from the eastern shore at last check they were still working on the bay bridge the eastbound block for the overnight paving project west Ben was carrying two way traffic one name for each direction that traveled but so far no big delays result early works on eastbound 50 east to saint Margaret's road That was picked up in cleared For now no issues on I 95 the Baltimore Washington park where two 70 headed toward the capitol bellway Its regency furniture's biggest holiday sale event and your chance to save up to 65% off and get their lowest prices on all furniture shop regency furniture's biggest holiday sale event today Rich hunter WTF traffic Good morning temperatures are in the low to mid 40s this morning So it's anything but cold outside In fact we're within a few degrees of what would be considered an average high temperature here for the middle of December.

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